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Pregnant women how to choose bath dew kissed embellish farewell greasy full effect nourish conceived muscle

by:Zanyu     2020-11-18

because of the influence of hormone secretion, pregnant mother sweat, the skin often out of oil. In view of the particularity of pregnancy, choose a suitable bath dew is especially important for pregnant women. A coefficient is high, the gentle wash clean body effectively, say goodbye to oily skin, relieve skin tension, pick up a good mood during pregnancy. So how pregnant women choose shower gel?

pregnancy skin care specialist advice: body particularity determines the pregnant women during pregnancy skin care to different and different curing, pregnancy skin is sensitive, so better to use the special bath dew of pregnant women. Pregnant women dedicated bath first fifteen more in common bath dew coefficient is higher. In addition to OEM skin care during pregnancy, sexual high wash protect products at the same time of supplies for pregnant women skin moisture, more important is poses a risk to the fetus.

use mild nature without stimulation in the process of pregnant women OEM skin care lotion is the right choice. Follow up edible product concept, according to the characteristics of Asian women's skin pregnancy from soybeans, rice, goats' milk and other ingredients extracted nature protection is the essence of the pregnant women with sensitive skin. The ingredients of mild nature, meet the demands of skin, is tailored for skin maintenance specialist. Soybean milk nourishing lotion filling water lock water; Rice silky lotion moisturizing skin; Goats' milk shower gel filling water nourish, etc. , different effect, suitable for pregnant women of different qualities, effectively improve pregnancy various skin need, is the right choice of pregnant women OEM skin care.

in addition to the need to select pregnant women dedicated bath dew, pregnant women to do well in terms of daily bathing time control, pregnant women generally better control in 10 - bath time 20 minutes, time shoulds not be too long. Due to the higher temperature inside the bathroom, oxygen supply is relatively insufficient, the stimulation of hot water easy to cause the pregnant woman body surface of the expansion of the capillaries, easy to cause pregnant women brain blood supply shortage, dizziness, nausea and symptoms such as chest tightness, at the same time also have great impact on fetuses, moreover will cause fetal nervous system dysplasia.

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