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Pregnant women how to choose to protect skin to taste? How to protect skin to taste the three common pitfalls to protect skin

by:Zanyu     2020-11-17
This time use the special skin care products for OEM skin care of pregnant women during pregnancy, is not a rare thing. Pregnant mother in order to be able to play a relatively good effect that protect skin, repair damaged muscle of pregnancy, in the daily care and a lot of kung fu. But some skin care error cause pregnant mother skew on the choice of skin care products, is not conducive to the long-term maintenance of skin. A, essence as thick as possible many products, gooey, may only be used thickener to create the look and feel gooey, not necessarily more moist, that can be absorbed by skin after coated, but to the consumer's feeling, use formula to make more thick texture, create the more thick, the wet moist texture, but sometimes just illusion, such as adding polymer gel will be very gooey, texture will lead wire, but has no real effect on moisture. Second, the model not good moisturizing effect of products with modern beauty science and technology progress, many different functional product formula, according to the different types of texture, to meet various people of different skin types. The only difference is that oil content and oil content is higher, the better the moisture, water quality of a material like the lotion and essence, almost no oil or grease 0; Between emulsion cream, may contain 5% of the oil; About 10 to the emulsion 15%, 20 - cream 25% can borrow by looking at oil content, the less the more transparent. Three, oil product easy to trigger a blain blain dry skin suitable for oil and maintenance, oily, acne muscle would not have been too need oil moisten, so the oil is likely to cause acne, especially hot summer weather more easily, but not all fat. Oil will maintain article affect skin health, need to see the purity of oil formula and types. The sensitivity of skin during pregnancy is not only influenced by progesterone, more will be linked to the use of skin care products directly. In general, if use the pregnancy contains essence or ordinary OEM skin care products with mineral oil, very easy to cause all kinds of skin problems. As a result, better or selection, the nature of the pregnant women during pregnancy to protect skin to taste is advisable.
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