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Pregnant women how to four key maintenance parts for skin care

by:Zanyu     2020-11-18

women especially pay attention to their own skin to maintain, after pregnancy appear all sorts of changes, skin care more can't be ignored, pregnancy OEM skin care is not only refers to the face and other parts of the body also take special care, and how to maintain the different parts of the skin during pregnancy?

maternity care of facial skin maintain

1. Sunscreen

pregnancy hormone changes, make your skin more sensitive to the sun, so the isolation protective cream every day, and must be no stimulation, no fetal health damage OEM skin care products, such as makeup edible soybean milk pregnant women segregation frost.

2。 Wash a

in the process of pregnancy, cleansing products must be used to moderate no stimulation, because soap sex composition is too intense for pregnancy skin will take normal skin grease, at the same time to choose moisturizing cream with good sex. Soymilk series of pregnant women in skin care products, has more than 30 pregnant women fans.

3。 Lip

nowadays dry season, at ordinary times should pay attention to protect lips, with its dry, the pregnant mother can apply its natural beeswax lip balm, a variety of natural nourishing factor, 360 degrees of protective hydrating and nourishing.

maternity nursing skin breast care

pregnancy pregnant women will find their own breast changes a lot, for these changes, also should take corresponding measures.

1。 Maintain breast health

daily life often use mild soap water scrubbing the areola and nipple skin, skin wrinkles also have to deal with clean, to maintain breast health, for it is a great way to breastfeed in the future, can make skin became strong wear-resisting, withstand baby sucking in the future.

2。 Keep breast comfortable

keep in mind that clean after breast with towel hot compress, massage, to help the blood circulation of the breast. And usually want to wear underwear has enough bear force, but it doesn't matter the nipples.

the abdomen of pregnant women OEM skin care

1. Motion to reduce belly belly grain

in order to reduce belly belly lines, attention should be paid to the appropriate exercise before pregnancy, increase the stomach muscles and the elasticity of the skin.

2。 products to reduce belly belly grain

all sorts of all sorts of external use to moisturize the skin protect skin to taste, massage cream can also play a supplementary role. Like apple seed protection products or olive oil can begin to use before becoming pregnant, to slow down the process of the belly lines, but doesn't treat his lines.

this topical massage preparation basically does not affect baby, can be at ease use, and compare to bath immediately after use, and for a period of massage movement, make the product was well absorbed, can achieve better effect.

3。 Diet reduce belly belly grain

during pregnancy should also eat more foods rich in vitamin C, wait like orange, strawberry, vegetables, still should eat more foods rich in vitamin B6, milk and its products, and is good for the skin.

maternity care skin of leg ministry maintain

1. Relieve leg

after pregnancy pregnant women main discomfort is swelling and leg cramps, but easy to attack at night cramps, so can be carried out on the legs and feet massage before sleep. Suggested that pregnant mother can put a low stool under their feet when sitting, lying down as far as possible when the left recumbent, often should stretch his calf muscle.

in addition, don't let yourself don't exercise, or has been lying in bed for a long time, want to often take a walk, can increase the blood circulation of lower limbs. But in order to avoid the leg cramps, also cannot let the leg muscle fatigue.

2。 Suitable for shoes

should be dressed to swell the foot feels comfortable shoes, don't wear will be oppression to the ankle and calf with elastic socks, more do not wear high heels. In addition, also want to avoid eating salt, processing and curing or canned food.

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