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Pregnant women how to maintain the skin? Skin care considerations

by:Zanyu     2020-11-18

OEM skin care is the love of beauty is pregnant mother all attention, especially on the face eat star, mom. But OEM skin care to consider the health of the baby during pregnancy, the pregnancy can protect skin to taste, after OEM skin care during pregnancy should pay attention to what issues?

use cleansing milk of pregnant women. Pregnant women is better choice pregnant women dedicated to protect skin to taste, when washing a face every day, to use a mild cleanser, better is nature, does not contain pigments, do not contain chemical cleansers, sensitive skin so no stimulation to the pregnant woman.

basic skin care. After facial cleaning, also immediately use toner, but pregnant women never use contains whitening ingredients of the product! Because the whitening ingredients go against the growth of the fetus, but can use the plant essence or emulsion composition, supplement moisture to skin, make skin moist, and for the skin without any stimulation, more wouldn't worry about it will be bad for the baby!

rub sunscreen. Many mama worry about sunscreen effect on fetal development, in fact, the pregnant mother can choose the segregation frost protection of nature, isolate the ultraviolet radiation and dust on the skin, the influence of the essence of which is sun protection, dry skin recommended soymilk segregation frost, oily and mixed use segregation frost rice. In addition, everyday eat more contain vitamin C food, also can decompose melanin.

massage. Expectant mothers to a certain time of facial massage, every day is also maintains the skin very effective method. Massage can promote blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, still can keep the skin tight careful, is conducive to recovery after giving birth to a young face.

massage when should pay attention to some essentials, carried out in accordance with the steps carefully, there will be twice the result with half the effort: first use the cleansing cream or cleanser looped on the face clean, wash it with water bubbles and dirt, dry the skin on the face; And apply evenly on the face, massage cream, with both hands middle finger and ring finger to the lateral spiraling from the central part of the face massage

about 50 times; After the massage, wash off residual massage cream on the face, then will face dry with a clean towel. During pregnancy, if can stick to massage once every day, it is very beneficial to the skin. After successfully gave birth to the fetus, will face a glowing, healthy skin back to before.

remove belly. Most will be the belly lines of pregnant women, pregnant women, might as well use olive oil or apple seed essence of grain protection series protect skin to taste daub on the stomach, promote skin cell renewal, increase skin elasticity and toughness, and do more gentle exercise, can effectively reduce the belly lines.

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