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Pregnant women in spring need to grasp three major hydrating opportunities for skin care

by:Zanyu     2021-06-06
In spring, the temperature difference between morning and evening is large, and skin moisture loss is intensified. Pregnant mothers can only ensure skin vitality if they are properly hydrated and moisturized. When is the better effect of hydrating?  1. After using a computer,    computers, mobile phones and other digital products not only have electromagnetic radiation, but also generate static electricity on the surface due to electromagnetic effects, adsorbing dust and bacteria in the air. If a pregnant mother uses a computer for a long time, the dirt and dust mites floating on the surface of the computer screen will be transferred to the pregnant woman’s face, stimulating the skin to secrete oil, causing the skin to appear dry and oily. For skin care during pregnancy, pregnant mothers should develop a good habit of applying isolation cream, such as soy milk nourishing isolation cream, which has a milder and more effective soothing effect. After using the computer, if you still need to keep the makeup intact, it is recommended to use absorbent paper to absorb the excess oil, and then spray an appropriate amount of moisturizing spray, pat and press until it is absorbed.  2. When the sleep quality is not good, the baby grows up day by day, and the body burden continues to increase. After pregnancy, many women have a sharp decline in their sleep quality. Long-term insomnia makes many pregnant mothers feel tired, dry eyes, dark yellow skin, and sometimes even a pair of big walnut-like eye bags. Said that at this stage, pregnant mothers must pay attention to the gentle nourishment of the eye area, and choose eye creams for pregnant women that are rich in natural moisturizing ingredients (such as soy milk nourishing eye gel, etc.) to soothe the wilted and slumped skin in time and restore the radiance of the eyes. It can also be combined with rice eye mask for intensive hydration and moisturizing first aid.  3. When falling asleep   Many pregnant mothers regard skin care as a major life event second only to the health of the fetus. The first thing to do to keep their eyes open every day is to carry out gentle skin care. The skin care specialist during pregnancy said that if you want to have a better OEM skin care effect, it is better to focus on day protection and night nourishment. At night when the metabolism speeds up, using the soy milk sleeping mask for deep care will help to soothe the layers of the skin, allowing pregnant mothers to sleep in white and beautiful skin overnight.   The summer is hot, and the skin moisture loss is increasing. How should pregnant mothers take care of their skin? Ranked among the top ten skin care products for pregnant women in the industry, pregnant mothers are urged to seize the opportunity to replenish moisture to achieve multi-effect skin nourishment.
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