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Pregnant women in summer skin care three questions you would like to know!

by:Zanyu     2020-11-19

in the high temperature burning hot summer, beautiful women will face many beautiful, especially the pregnant mother. So because of the continuous high temperature, strong ultraviolet ray, the influence of the pregnant mother must master a variety of beautiful skin skill, deal with all kinds of skin. Take a look at the summer pregnancy OEM skin care cosmetic three most common types of confusion.

a, sensitive skin temperature lead to more oil?

under the influence of high temperature weather, summer pregnant mother much the secretion of sebum, the secretion of sweat gland activity, leading to a lot of sweat, cause mixed stimulation to skin, let a person feel very uncomfortable. With frequent discrepancy and outdoor air conditioning room, skin moisture by a large number of dry, oil also appear secretion, further highlights the serious water shortage problems. Mother during pregnancy should be how to improve this problem? Said, the summer must do a good job moisturizing, but to make adjustment according to different type of skin. Such as oily skin hydrating mask can be appropriately cold storage, low temperature of mask helps to inhibit oil secretion, increase skin refreshing and degrees. And sensitivity skin pledges of women, attention should be paid to relieve and calm skin, choose hydrating effect is mild, the multiple effect of facial mask product ( Such as rice silk mask, etc. ) 。

2, after makeup easily shading?

skin grease is secreted overmuch, also can bring new challenges to makeup. During pregnancy, in order to improve skin texture, many chose to suits own block defect beautiful skin is superior, such as surplus embellish this naked makeup BB cream, part of the pregnant women in the makeup, the problem such as shading, feel frustrated. Explains, too much oil is the direct cause of the makeup, want to improve this situation, pregnant mother will be moisture to the skin before makeup, strengthen the joint degree of makeup look. On a hot summer high temperature situation, pregnant mother is better choice quality of a material is frivolous, high water content of soybean milk protect wet latex.

three, weather, moisture the skin absorption capacity is low

temperatures and oil secretion, sweat pore blockage, leading to maintain ingredients into skin. Want to improve skin absorption capacity, pregnant mother might as well make biweekly chamfer care, will stay on aging cutin of skin surface clean, want to be mildly clean everyday at the same time, make sure to keep skin clear state, realize the lightness of the pores to breathe. In addition, pregnant mothers can also walk through methods such as exercise, slight sweating helps to speed up the body metabolism, reduce water retention in the body, helps to improve skin absorption capacity.

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