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Pregnant women in winter skin dry don't often wash your face

by:Zanyu     2020-11-20

winter's arrival let pregnant mother bear more dry skin test, in the face of the skin dry more effective solution is to use protect skin to taste for moisture maintenance, rather than frequent washing a face, so pregnant women how to maintain the skin?

during dry skin solution:

1, dry skin, pregnant women don't often wash a face, want to use on the skin grease is abluent, nature is better pregnant women use mild cleanser.

2, need to use to add moisture to the skin to protect skin to taste, daub and gently massage in a dry area, and the special moisturizing cream is pure mild, a pregnant woman, and the special moisturizing formula, it can effectively dry skin, and can maintain the ph balance, more suitable for use at this time.

3, bath should not be soaked for too long, otherwise easy to cause skin dehydration, can add in water bath oil, as little as possible with ordinary soap, can use do not contain soap, ph value is neutral pregnant women dedicated shower gel or baby soap.

maintain the method of skin during pregnancy:

1, pregnant women should now eat more foods rich in vitamin C, such as orange, strawberry, vegetables, etc. , should also eat more milk and its products that are rich in vitamin B6.

2, get plenty of sleep, appropriate massage on skin.

3, unfavorable and heavy make-up, unfavorable and frequent replacement of OEM cosmetics brands, more should not choose those inferior OEM cosmetics.

4, hot summer, to avoid direct sunlight on the skin, should choose those specially designed for pregnant women to protect skin to taste.

5, to reduce the belly belly may wrinkle, attention should be paid to the appropriate exercise before pregnancy, increase the stomach muscles and the elasticity of the skin. After pregnancy, pay attention to properly control the speed of weight gain.

skin care during pregnancy is inseparable from the choose and buy of OEM skin care products, and the choose and buy protect skin to taste, is also should follow certain principles.

in view of the particularity of pregnancy, pregnant women must be careful when choosing skin care products, choice of OEM skin care products do not contain hormones during pregnancy and the chemical composition of harmful to the fetus. To compare the good choice of mild pure plant products. Cool and tell on the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine plant is not suitable for pregnant women, so when the choice must pay attention to. In addition, containing vitamin E is good for the pregnant woman.

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