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Pregnant women maintain skin should choose a pregnant woman to protect skin to taste

by:Zanyu     2020-11-07

for pregnant pregnant mother, skin care and diet during pregnancy is the pregnant mother seriously, but many beauty salon project are banned, pregnant women experience that pregnant women to care skin should be how to do?

the pregnant woman must avoid beauty project:

1, beauty bleaching, beauty salon often use whitening agent is to take an examination of pine, estrogen preparations, such as the use of these substances can affect fetal development. Daily efficient whitening skincare, pregnant women can't use, because contain a large number of heavy metals, will cause fetal abnormalities.

2, electrotherapy care or pressure point massage, can have current through the easy to stimulate fetal electrotherapy, quickening insecurity, massage and acupuncture point pressure, overweight massage technique is easy to cause fetal instability.

3, sauna, hairdressing, sauna and beauty can make pregnant women for a long time under high temperature, if pregnant woman for a long time in more than 53 ℃ high temperature easy miscarried.

4, aroma care, early pregnancy pregnant women is not suitable to use aromatherapy, and middle-late pregnancy pregnant mother also need to be careful when using aromatherapy oil selection. After 12 weeks of pregnancy to use aromatherapy oils such as lemon, patchouli, citrus, at 16 weeks before they can use rose and lavender essential oil, etc.

in addition to the above beauty, pregnant women can't do hair removal beauty, such as foot reflection, on the project. No skin care during pregnancy, age 13 years, for the love of beauty is pregnant mother can't find the correct way of skin care is indeed a very worried of things. Actually protect skin during pregnancy, pregnant women OEM skin care specialist recommended the pregnant mother pregnant women use protect skin to taste. Both chose, chose the beautiful.

the pregnant woman skin care products, designed for pregnant women, for pregnant women skin problem research and development, give full consideration to the pregnant woman skin needs, meet the needs of pregnant women skin care, gentle, can improve skin problems during pregnancy. Heavy skin problems in the face of pregnant women, pregnant woman skin care products industry enterprises improve their own product performance, meet expectations of pregnant women in the improvement of the skin.

in pregnancy to protect skin brand & ndash; — As an example, the pregnant woman skin care products on the basis of Asian women maternal skin, with make-up edible to production concept, take soy, rice, and other farm production of organic ingredients as raw materials, ensure the pregnant women's sexual protects skin to taste. Properties of weak acid, close to human skin ph value, skin mild stimulation to the human body. And according to different skin problems, the corresponding series skin care products, such as the pregnant mother can use soymilk series of dry skin, skin bleak pregnant women can use rice series, have belly pregnant mother can use apple seeds series and so on. The pregnant mother pregnant women to use such high quality nursing skin, protect skin to taste like exclusive honorable skin care to skin, no worse than any beauty salon care!

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