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Pregnant women protect skin to taste recommend could encounter 'season' to avoid skin apply face film

by:Zanyu     2020-11-03
As women, we are always looking for ways to help their anti-aging, especially our face and in the eyes, a lot of people in order to keep his face and eye health, adhere to the mask and eye mask. And it's the right thing to do, facial mask and eye mask is good for skin eliminates the product of skin cell metabolism and accumulation of oil, while the essence of the mask and eye film, can quickly penetrate into the epidermis cutin layer of skin, the skin becomes soft, increase elasticity, make skin young women. Female friends do not blindly follow suit, when choosing mask or eye mask should pay attention to choose to suit oneself skin mask or eye mask. And for the special groups - in women Pregnant women, more attention should be paid to choose pregnant women using special mask or eye mask can be recommended by the father and satisafied endorsement of soybean milk mask or eye film at the same time, the binary star endorsements, and quality guaranteed. Anti-aging, is a lifetime career woman, can't happen overnight, nor intermittently, in addition to carefully choose the mask, some details in life also can't be ignored. Daily life, many women like to apply face film or eye mask while sitting, standing on the Internet or watching television, thinking anyway eyes idle is idle. But according to OEM skin care specialist, upright posture eye mask, apply face film can let a female aging is accelerated, flabby skin more and more serious. Skin aging caused by the obvious characteristic is the flabby skin, and gravity is very important and irresistible reasons of sagging, occupying 20% of the ageing process as a whole. Each minute in our skin is affected by the pull of gravity, down is always in the direction of the flabby skin. Taiwan's first beauty xiao asked maintenance experience, always summarize & ndash; — Soft against gravity. Every day we in upright posture, sitting or standing, apply face film, eye mask, neck membrane, this way is increasing the weight of the skin, thus increase the gravity pull of the skin effect. Mask, for example, generally apply face film points number is 2 ~ 3 times per week, flake mask for at least 20 g net weight for each piece, this is the equivalent to skin increased the weight of 20 g, and erect posture apply face film, is to speed up the gravity effect on the pull of the skin, let skin become more relaxed. So in order to slow down the skin aging process, apply face film or eye film that 15 minutes, please take good lie down, let skin to absorb the mask or eye mask essence. If apply face film or eye mask when you feel very tired, please remember to set the alarm clock, because don't accidentally fell asleep, dry the face film paper can absorb the moisture in the skin, do more harm than good. Beautiful as a woman life is one of three big ace, every woman wants to have. And women with beautiful skin is not natural conditions have much good, but know how to close to your skin, slow down the skin aging process. So in the pursuit of the beauty of the road, please be careful to every steps of the daily OEM skin care, don't forget to aging.
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