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Pregnant women skin care about how to choose the mask according to supplement the natural nutrition for the skin

by:Zanyu     2020-11-03
During pregnancy, many pregnant mother like in your spare time with one or two mask, let skin can be a timely filling water curing. But there are so many mask products on the market, the effect is different also, pregnant mother how should choose? Different types of mask on using and what are the advantages and disadvantages? One, according to the different type of skin OEM skin care of the pregnant mother, needed by skin skin composition is also different, so in the choice of face film, pregnant women also should according to their own skin characteristics, choose different skin effect, and different types of mask. 1, oily skin: compare that appliance deep cleansing mud mask. 2, dry skin, better use can supplement moisture and nutrient type moisturizing facial mask. 3, when water shortage, dry skin, can be used with moisturizing mask, soft skin, activating function; 4, the skin after sun: suitable for use with ease, calm and hydrated effect of the mask; 5, acne is excessive, excessive sebum secretion, color of skin dark heavy, rough skin: suitable for using deep cleansing mask. In addition to choose according to individual skin, in the current market, there are various types of mask, the mask and what are the advantages and disadvantages? 1, tearing type facial mask: tearing the action itself to the pregnant mother's sensitive skin damage is very big, so have been considered products eliminated gradually by the people. Type 2, cream mask: mild texture, so the cream type face film adaptation of wider, sensitivity skin also can rest assured use. 3, cotton type ( Silk type) Mask: the expectant mothers during pregnancy is better this kind of mask, because of its gentle touch let skin is very easy to relax. 4, fresh mask: homemade face mask at home also is very good choice, but because the health situation is difficult to guarantee, so the family fresh homemade mask shoulds not be too long and too frequently use. 5, alternative mask: in order to improve facial grease situation, some brand also launched special T type acne mask. This kind of mask is tore a strip type more, specially dealing with T the acne, there is a strong stick suction, will greatly small sebum acne when tear strip tore stripping out, have the effect of deep remove acne. But because tore stripping force is very strong, allergy, dry, thin skin stratum corneum and purulent skin don't apply, oily and combination skin is unfavorable also use. Third, pay attention to the mask use frequency no matter what kind of mask, weekly frequency of use should be controlled in one to two times, each time apply the time also should cooperate mask type. Why is that? Apply face, in fact, the number is not the more the better, because of the chamfer and apply face a role, if too frequently, interfere with cell renewal, make skin cells has not yet been completely keratinization cutin cell, will be discounted for skin protection mechanism, thus meet the needs of the skin, can let the beauty of the pregnant mother. Each person the extent of the skin to absorb nutrition co. , LTD. , because does not apply, absorption effect is better. Basically, expectant mothers to their environment and daily life work and rest as evaluation criteria, because the longer apply also won't let the skin absorb more essence. Generally the expectant mothers, once or twice a week for the mask is enough. In addition, still need to emphasize, not every kind of face film is suitable for pregnant mothers, during pregnancy, pregnant women with fetal baby's health as a first consideration, should not be used with acne removing and whitening effect. Pregnant women that are easy to choose to suit your skin needs special mask, in the protection of maternal and child health, on the basis of the nature of the nutrients for skin, gentle curing conceived muscle.
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