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Pregnant women skin care affect fetal? Basic skin care action correct skin care methods, skin care steps

by:Zanyu     2020-11-12

pregnancy skin becomes poor, many love beautiful pregnant mother wants to use a variety of skin care products to care, but they also worry about OEM skin care products have bad effects on the fetus. Can the pregnant women skin care, how to ensure the health of the fetus?

in general the body of pregnant women blood quantity increase, 'rosy, but due to the impact of the change of estrogen and progesterone, the sebum secretion of skin during pregnancy can also ascend, who had good dry skin originally, and oily skin types of people have become more oil, blain blain skin problems such as will follow. So some pregnant women during pregnancy skin variation is normal.

but for skin care and maintenance, pregnancy pregnant mother still need to be careful, better use of pregnant women without stimulation, protect skin to taste, because these skin care products selected natural pollution-free food in nature, plants as raw materials, production process to ensure refused to people in the material the chemical synthesis and the larger limit reduces the pollution of residual, from the source to ensure maternal and child health, such as pregnant women to protect skin to taste to food grade, can eat to protect skin to taste of expectant mothers can be at ease use.

if OEM skin care products contain hormones or harmful substances may cause harm to the fetus, fetal abnormalities, unhealthy, and even death. So there is a need for pregnancy mommy skincare products need to see when the choose and buy skincare ingredients, should try to choose a mild, protect skin to taste of nature, will be, no dependence. Second, the need to pay attention to, contain hormones and other derivatives of care products to avoid as far as possible; Contains whitening, anti-wrinkle functional products is also try to avoid.

pregnant women use protect skin to taste?

1, wash your face. Wash a face is the foundation of the skin, also is the premise of the following OEM skin care. Cleanser to select the product of the mild without stimulation, wash a face not too hard-working during pregnancy, in the morning and once every day is good. When I come home from work, the skin is a day of dust pollution in the outside, this time with a foam wash colour high cleanliness is required to clean can achieve the goal of deep cleansing.

2, painted skin water. Water embellish skin can have the effect of second cleaning, apply adequate amount to the wet water on the hands, reoccupy finger smear on face and gently massage and pat, can make the skin better absorption. Can also take the right amount of moisturizer on cosmetic cotton, gently massage face with cosmetic cotton until completely absorbed.

3, moisturizing essence. Moisturizing essence can act as efficient moisturizing effect. Every time such as press bean-size amount put on the finger, reoccupy finger massage into the face, remember to cooperate with the gentle.

4, apply moisturizing eye gel. Eye cream can effectively remove black rim of the eye and pouch, at the same time also capable of grain, the production of fine lines, it is essential for susceptibility fatigue of the pregnant mother during pregnancy. Apply adequate amount the eye cream to put on the ring finger, and then from the inner canthus outward under the eyes, eyes gently massage from the outgoing. Pregnancy with eye frost, keep your charming eyes, also can make you look more radiant.

5, rub moisturizing cream/lotion. Moisturizing cream or lotion to nourish and hydrate the skin, do this step, can make skin moisture for a long time. Summer suggested using emulsion, winter recommend the use of moisturizing cream.

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