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Pregnant women skin care faqs get rid of acne is white face again

by:Zanyu     2020-11-12

acne is a more serious than blain blain skin disease, if not treated, the more the longer drag will cause infection, bad living habits and eating habits will also lead to the occurrence of acne. Facial acne is one of the women's common skin problems, pregnant women should be more easy long acne pregnancy hormone. But how to solve the problem of is really need to worry about, take a look at this a few kinds of facial acne problems.

facial acne problem a: I'm 30 years old, why still have acne?

the answer: the skin grease is secreted surplus and the bacteria

at its root, pregnant women the causes of the formation of acne and the causes of the formation of adolescent acne is the same, that is the skin grease is secreted surplus and the bacteria. Pregnancy hormone level changes, can stimulate the skin grease is secreted surplus.

acne is highly affected by the family environment. If your parents have acne, you risk long acne is greater. Even if the human to 40 years old or more will have acne.

facial acne problem two: I often wash a face, but why there are black?

answer: washing a face increasing frequency and can't avoid black or acne

why? Black in the lower formation on the surface of the skin, when the oil ( Also called sebum) And the reaction of the air, then clog pores. All blocked pores, they formed a blackhead. About OEM skin care during pregnancy, pregnant mother should be every day with a mild soybean milk cleanser with warm water wash your face twice a day. Tip: do not use hot water.

pregnant women facial acne problem 3: what is a good way to acne?

1。 Don't touch her face. Touch cheek can increase the skin grease is secreted, thus stimulating the skin, nourish the growth of bacteria. Make it a habit to hand touch your face.

2。 Don't let the greasy hair on face. Using oil free hair care products. Oil content of hair care products contact face can make pore jams. Effective clean skin

long acne skin cleanness is more important, so wash a face is very important, be sure to wash your face often. Should pay attention to skin cleaning, selection of cleaning products, can effectively remove dirt, oil, also can bring to inhibit the action of the bacteria. Wash your face is not more than twice a day, clean the skin, stimulates the sebaceous glands secretion.

don't squeeze acne or use a needle to clean up the

acne patients were compared with cream squash with the hand or needle to clear, easy to cause skin infections. Must keep the place clean, and consult your doctor for regular treatment and so on a series of acne treatment, so it is important to note that patients don't squash with the hand.

diet with regulate

like eat mung beans, winter melon, lotus seeds, such as balsam pear been detoxification food. Should avoid eating food containing iodine weight, eat less spicy greasy food and sweet; Eat more fruits and vegetables, maintain defecate unobstructed.

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