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Pregnant women skin care focus on moisturizing emulsion summer use skills

by:Zanyu     2020-11-09

even boring summer, hydrating work also cannot little. At this stage, due to the weather temperatures rise, pregnant mother's oil gland secretion is more active, if you don't want to take too much burden for skin, pregnant mother will choose the quality of a material is frivolous, is more likely to be absorbed by the skin of the emulsion products. Then, summer moisturizing, OEM skin care to pregnant women how to use the more scientific lotion?

after cleansing and lotion, will right amount of the emulsion into the palm, then daub according to the following method to operate:

1, the outward from the center of the face and gently massage away

cream with massage action, more conducive to the absorption of the skin, massage to outward from the central part of the face gently massage away, until completely absorbed by the skin.

2, daub the order of the first

the emulsion is not full face daub at the same time, but where are dry before daub, then the two buccal, on both sides of the corner of his mouth, jaws, and so on, after paint these parts with a full face, eye week daub eye cream can directly.

3, apply to use the power of the stomach

daub emulsion is neither the palm of your hand, nor the fingertips, but want to use the power of the stomach, the stomach of moderate strength and elastic, skin feel more comfortable.

4, every time want to apply to the neck

many use emulsion tend to ignore the neck, but the neck is a small amount of grease is secreted, more need to supplement moisture and grease, every time when daub remember to extend to the neck, gently apply and massage from down to up its absorption.

when choosing emulsion, pregnant mother is better to use a brand with cleanser, toner products. Doing this can realize add by curing skin maintains, can avoid different brand product mix after skin does not adapt, as a result of symptoms.

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