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Pregnant women skin care four specialist to help you answer

by:Zanyu     2020-11-13

every woman during pregnancy will appear all sorts of panic, and OEM skin care and makeup is in their heart is larger, the burden of pregnant women with fetal, in these two aspects need to be very careful, that pregnant women can make up and skin care? About this question, let staff to answer.

1 pregnant, I can also like before skin care and makeup?

commissioner answer:

during early pregnancy, which is the first three months of pregnancy, is a sensitive period of fetal development, the fetus is not stable, take special attention during this time use protect skin to taste. Should choose as far as possible do not contain spices, no alcohol, agent or less additive of high quality skin care products. Especially do not use whitening, beauty products, hair removal, etc excitant strong, don't use the oily emulsion, scrub and contain essence or alcohol cleaning fluid to clean skin, if allergies will have bad effects on the fetus.

if no need, just try not to change colour makeup, because most of the cosmetic products will contain lead more or less. Lead is the nerve toxicity of heavy metals, during pregnancy can harm the fetus via the placenta, long-term use can cause certain influence to pregnant women and fetus. For the lips of lipstick, lip gloss is not more, in pregnant women always put lipstick or lip gloss, if you keep eating so to avoid to use. Special cases need when making up, also is better to use more high quality cosmetic products, and returned home after thoroughly discharge makeup as soon as possible, reduce the chance of chemical composition on the skin residue.

2 pregnancy can dyeing and perm? Answer:


during pregnancy is better don't dye their hair or a perm. High sensitivity of the skin and pregnant women should avoid dyeing and perm, lest make themselves and the fetus from unnecessary damage. Because some of the hair dye after contact with skin, can generate strong excitant, cause headaches and facial swelling, eyes will be hurt, it is difficult to open, serious when even will cause pregnant women abortion. It is reported that hair dye with teratogenic effects on the fetus. And chemical liquid medicine for a perm, expensive to the hair have also hurt again. Generally after mid pregnancy, pregnant women's hair tend to be more fragile, and easy to fall off, such as the use of chemical potions, marcel exacerbate hair loss. So wanting a pregnant mother be patient temporarily, to the baby, all sacrifice is worth it.

3 pregnant women need sunscreen? You can use sunscreen?

commissioner answer:

pregnant women should pay special attention to prevent bask in, skin melanin was more active during pregnancy, pregnant mother's skin and especially sensitive to light, so whether that occupy the home, or go out to prevent bask in. Choose sunscreen products should choose as far as possible when the pregnant woman is special is prevented bask in a product, this kind of product does not usually cause skin allergy, sex is high, the effect is better. SPF is unfavorable and exorbitant, SPF15 generally do not have greasy feeling.

4 there is a old saying, during pregnancy to avoid bath everyday, is that true? Answer:


the metabolism of pregnant women faster, sweating more, need bath everyday, and keep the body and mind comfortable, like this only then is advantageous to the maternal and child health. Early pregnancy pregnant women can also choose to bath, but is better to shower later. Showering water temperature should be kept around 38 ℃ advisable, shoulds not be too high, and don't wash the sauna steam bath, bath time is shorter.

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