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Pregnant women skin care has exquisite skin care five points for attention during pregnancy

by:Zanyu     2020-11-10

as the saying goes, no pregnancy skin aging back to accelerate the speed of 10 times, therefore, a growing number of women during pregnancy also know take care of yourself, now OEM skin care has become a kind of fashion, and the proper OEM skin care during pregnancy?

with progesterone secretion and the resistance to drop, the pregnant mother's skin resistance to drop, the skin become more vulnerable, and considering the protect skin to taste it can affect the health of the baby, expectant mothers should choose a few excitant small, high credibility of pregnant women to protect skin to taste, no alcohol, spices, additive nature is the mother's pregnancy is better choice. Following together see the pregnant mother's skin everyday maintenance work.

1。 Careful sensitive skin

choose facial cleansers, avoid grind arenaceous kind of spices and alcohol products, lotions and creams to avoid oily products of choose and buy, because the skin protect skin to taste is likely to be pregnant women produce stimulation. Using a moisturizing lotion or cream, as far as possible with the method of small circle, to massage the face a few times more. Cleaning items, better bring gloves, don't let the noise of sensitive skin direct contact with the cleaner.

2。 Moisturizing hydrating

pregnant women need plenty of water every day, to deal with dry skin problems. Early in the morning and evening after washing before going to bed, pay attention to apply moisturizing, moisturizing lotion or moisturizing cream ( Such as soy milk, rice series moisture to market) In order to make sure the water tender skin. If without indoor ventilation, heating or air conditioning open time is long, is recommended to put a humidifier or a basin of water, to increase the humidity of the air. Expectant mothers, however, has been compared to the ventilated place for a walk, so that the skin can breathe the fresh air.

3。 Choose to stimulate a small shower gel

during pregnancy should choose excitant small shower gel, because mothers skin can't suffer too much stimulation, also should pay attention to gently rub slowly rub while taking a bath. Actually, also can need not wash, water bath and reliable, also does not cause adverse reactions of skin.

4。 Eat more fruits and vegetables

VC and B6 is skin regeneration and reconstruction of the two big magic weapon, and these two kinds of elements from more fruit and vegetables. Therefore, pregnant women to eat more fruits and vegetables, can complement nutrition, and is good for the skin. If feel skin is particularly dry, need to take vitamin contains unsaturated fatty acid and linoleic acid food, vegetables and fish, for example, can improve dry skin.

however, do not recommend pregnancy supplements VC and B6, so to take during pregnancy after doctors recommend, even vitamins, for pregnant women is not the more the better.

5。 Dress with comfortable give priority to

in order to let skin unimpeded to breathe the fresh air, mothers should try choose loose, comfortable, breathable clothes. Should first choose cotton fabric, and the synthetic fiber fabric permeability effect is bad, the choose and buy is not recommended. In addition, from the respects of skin care, long-term wear silk stockings makes the leg ministry skin dry because of poor air permeability, so try not to wear silk stockings during pregnancy.

as a woman is pregnant mother, the love of beauty is nature, but pregnant mother love also want to pay attention to methods, rather than to take some of the simple and crude old folk prescription, should be attentive caress every inch of pregnant, in good mood, more perfect posture to meet the arrival of the baby.

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