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Pregnant women skin care have misconceptions about error maintenance accelerate skin aging

by:Zanyu     2020-11-10
In the current, pregnancy skin care has become pregnant mother more attention hot topic. And in order to be able to get the better effect that protect skin, compare pregnant mother in addition to learn self-control mask skin care products, such as more according to their skin condition, automatically adjust the frequency of OEM skin care. And, in fact, doing so will only violate law of development of skin, accelerate skin aging cells, in the maintenance of skin the loose circle. One, the frequent use of mask, according to the types of facial mask basically use 1 - once a week Two is the limit. Especially clean pore dirt mask, when off the corneous layer will be hurt, also can cause skin desquamation. If use a hydrating mask product, every day can cause serious harm to the skin cutin, which brings the problems such as sensitive skin. Second, often wash a face with facial cleanser, cleansing in the morning and two in the evening is enough. If more than two or more times, will be necessary to wash the oil and water, the skin becomes dry, also pay attention to the excessive massage can bring damage to the skin. Three, mix all kinds of skin care products makeup emulsion, facial cleanser, toner, two kinds of emulsion, combined together is five, there more to these special maintain article, this is not correct, as long as the guarantee basic maintenance is enough. Otherwise it will only bring skin too much burden, cause pore jams, skin inflammation, etc. Four, ignore the details of maintenance from a good look at yourself in the mirror, below the eye is dry, nose have acne and pore dirt? Will hands covered in two buccal, eyes, nose, these hands touched, should also pay attention to maintenance. Fifth, do not take the skin isolation air pollution, strong ultraviolet ray, caused by the cold air drying, and so on, our skin to fight more and more harsh environment, it is necessary to give moisture and protect. Six, in addition to the summer, don't need other seasons sun ultraviolet ray is the cause of skin aging is larger. Even if it is not by the sun's season, will take the moisture of the skin, damaged skin tissue bit by bit. Want to have beautiful skin, prevent bask in work. After washing a face, use toner of oily skin, because of moisture and sebum caused by uneven. Don't lotion, skin complement moisture is easy to evaporate, sebum so not only will not reduce, instead more oil. During pregnancy to the pregnant the beauty, natural moist, except for pregnant women to choose suitable for their own special protect skin to taste, more importantly, a correct understanding and problem OEM skin care knowledge, get rid of the wrong skin care habits, follow the scientific concept of skin care, to understand the real demand of skin, make an accurate judgement, gentle and effective service.
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