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Pregnant women skin care how to effectively relieve sensitive skin

by:Zanyu     2020-11-13

the beauty of the Mid-Autumn festival for comparison, however, in the fall, pregnant mother the skin's resistance to weak period. Is sensitive to the autumn wind blows, the phenomenon of discomfort will climb up the face, and also too busy to appreciate the beautiful scenery. Body shoulder gives life burden of pregnant mother as key protection object of the family, how to protect skin to become more focused on during pregnancy. So, how to protect skin during pregnancy? Autumn sensitive muscle relaxing nursing work well and water embellish skin regain health.


autumn climate is dry, the humidity in the air is greatly reduced, the pregnant mother's skin will have a tight feeling bad. If you don't pay attention to maintenance, especially easy to cause skin lacks water, once the water shortage will be red, dry skin, molting, the unwell symptom such as tight, will also increase the sensitivity of the skin. Sensitive skin of pregnant mama when choosing daily moisture to protect skin to taste, should adhere to the principle of thin, absorb quickly. Such as soybean milk hydrating series skin care products, use for a long time on the surface of the skin to form water lock protective film, strengthen the skin defenses, defense to protect skin aging, is autumn sensitive muscle pregnant mother hydrating optimization.

soothing repair

sensitive skin with thin cuticle, resistance is poor, into the autumn, pregnant mother must to do a good job of protection relieve skin, it better when go out wearing a face mask or scarf to reduce the stimulation of cold wind, put some with the skin barrier repair factor, at the same time choose tramal ingredients, such as chamomile relieve repair the composition of the product. Maternal pregnancy skin care brand, according to the Asia research and development of women's skin characteristic chamomile series protect skin to taste, mild nature, the quality of a material soft easy absorption, effectively reduce the occurrence of allergic phenomenon.


uv is a big killer, cause skin sensitive sensitive muscle endurance is poor, although the autumn sun is not so strong in the summer, but ultraviolet ray is very severe, sensitive skin defense against uv rays is more fragile. So pregnant mother 30 minutes before going out must apply isolation sunscreen to protect your skin. Autumn sensitive skin defense, pregnant mother can use the bean milk skin segregation frost, provides protection to the skin. In addition, sunglasses, hats, sunglasses and so on is also a good choice of strengthen prevent bask in.

sensitive skin of pregnant mother skin is thin, fragile lack of flexibility, lock water ability is poor, so must have perseverance and patience to do daily care, adhere to the muscle of water embellish pregnancy can regain health. In addition, pregnant after use skin care effect, cause the skin stimulation for a long time, also can cause skin sensitive discomfort. Therefore, pregnancy OEM skin care, regardless of sex and effectiveness, should be in special OEM skin care products as the preferred ingredients mild nature of pregnant women. Such as bean milk OEM skin care products, rice, protect skin to taste, chamomile protects skin to taste, etc. , in order to fit the Asian women's skin characteristics, excellent effect of beautiful skin, get pregnancy skin care specialist satisafied with beautiful star, mother, father and others to recommend.

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