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Pregnant women skin care knowledge note essence four use erroneous zone don't innocent!

by:Zanyu     2020-11-12

the highest grade in essence is to protect skin to taste, the essence of a multiple effect with high quality can help promote skin moisturizing effect of pregnant mother as a whole and awakens the progesterone dull skin, caused by the implementation, the long-term maintenance of muscle preparation. As the saying goes, as has played havoc played havoc, essence if this kind of high concentration of nutrients doesn't work well, the effect also is not optimistic. is safe for pregnant women, then what are the considerations? Today is to count the essence of the four use erroneous zone.

the pregnant woman OEM skin care error 1: after cleaning the skin directly using the essence

essence should be after clean skin, apply evenly after toner. Using soybean milk cleanser after cleaning, to shoot some of the same kind of soymilk toner, can help the pregnant mother's skin sebum membrane, effectively absorb water, get rid of the old cutin, auxiliary skin absorbs the nutrition of essence, the essence of nutrients more fully, directly into the deep skin, make skin softness, flexibility is better.

the pregnant woman OEM skin care erroneous zone 2: essence with the more the better

many pregnant mother thought essence with the more the better. Actually otherwise, pregnancy skin care brand remind pregnant mom, do not waste, ensure the precious essence, effective component is absorbed completely, to grasp the dosage, avoid by all means take on too much. Every time the right dosage: summer 2 - every time 3, 3 - every time in the winter 5 drops; T area only 1 times a day, eyes and lips around 2 times.

pregnant women skin care myth 3: go to bed after using essence not clean

essence don't stay too long on the face, the more can't put the essence as nourishing cream that it spent the night on the face, that will put the face absorb moisture, skin feels dry. The correct method of use: before bed in the evening after clean face daub some soybean milk nourishing essence, apply evenly, massage gently for a few minutes, let the essence be absorbed. Elite fluid needs to stay for at least 20 minutes on the face, the nutrients to be absorbed by skin, and then wash off to sleep.

the pregnant woman OEM skin care mistake 4: use essence instead of eye cream

essence is to use high-tech extraction of effective components made of concentrated nature products, for the skin moisturizing, anti-wrinkle, firming and nutrition can have very good health care function. The eye skin is thin places in the human body skin, to a large number of high essence absorption of nutrients, it is easy to form fat particles in the eyes, and eye cream ingredients is very exquisite, dosage is also limited. So don't the essence instead of eye cream. Want to make a shining bright eyes of the pregnant mother can choose rice protoplasmic activating eye cream, activate eye, eye elasticity.

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