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Pregnant women skin care maintenance opportunely leap out of the peach blossom spring

by:Zanyu     2020-11-13
As the cold feet drifts, warm welcome the year of the monkey spring coming. In this outstanding displays of the season, a lot of pregnant mother hope I also can have a good appearance of white inside deeply red, together with the tire baby in the belly to field for an outing, a breath of fresh air. But under the influence of progesterone, a lot of early pregnant mother's face left a deep shallow time stamp. During pregnancy, pregnant women should be how to protect skin? What can you do to keep out of the peach blossom spring beautiful muscle? A, use exclusive special protect skin to taste is how to protect OEM skin care during pregnancy during pregnancy is an important small common sense, the idea of scientific skin care during pregnancy has been accepted by many pregnant mother. Mums-to-be are how to care yellow pale skin? Can choose according to their skin needs, pregnant mother's joint personal skin series products. Such as dry skin of the pregnant mother can choose soybean milk nourishes the series, oily skin of the pregnant mother can choose rice whitening series, and color of skin is dark yellow pregnant mother, you can choose the cherry blossom faded yellow series. Second, away from the computer radiation believe many pregnant mother will find, often at the computer the white-collar, skin looks dull, even become dark yellow, so the pregnant mother don't work at the computer for a long time. Should be, even if it is to use a computer in the use of computers with bean milk skin segregation frost, stop the computer radiation, to protect our skin. Three, a moderate amount of exercise is also a heavy pregnancy care content. Insist to do exercise during pregnancy, besides can help natural labor, also can let the skin color looks better. Pregnant women movement can let the body sweat, the skin of the body toxins will with sweat out, the body of dirt be ruled out, can make you look more healthy and clear skin dark yellow. Four qi and blood, iron during pregnancy because of the fetal development, makes the demand for iron greatly improved, so easy to let your lack of qi and blood. Qi and blood deficiency can let skin yellow dark heavy, so pregnant women should pay attention to iron supplement during pregnancy, eat more foods that are rich in iron, such as animal liver and kidney dirty blood, animals, fish, shrimp, chicken, eggs, black sesame seed, walnut and so on. Five, keep a mood cheerful and pregnancy care knowledge in addition to the above thoughts, during pregnancy, pregnant mother to keep the emotional stability, if the emotional ups and downs, to the fetuses and pregnant women themselves are vile indeed. Pregnant women, will directly affect the rest lead to pregnant women, and even cause insomnia, a long time can let a pregnant woman skin is yellow. So in pregnancy, pregnant women should keep peace of mind, mood cheerful, in addition to good to the skin, the fetus is a kind of very good prenatal education. Gestation, want to raise peach blossom generally of good color, not as long as a few effective OEM cosmetics of choose and buy, before go out on a thick makeup. Real and long-lasting, according to the personal skin, selectively daily OEM skin care, from OEM skin care, diet, exercise, psychology, and other aspects, thoroughly repair and maintenance.
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