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Pregnant women skin care need to master the four skills of pregnant women how to protect skin

by:Zanyu     2020-11-02
1, to get up early to drink water, purify the internal environment: suitable amount of drinking water, can accelerate the metabolism of the body, remove toxins. So OEM skin care experts believe that the early pregnant women mother every day to drink a cup of lukewarm water on an empty stomach, which can add trace elements of salt, thereby promoting qingchang detoxification. But should pay attention to control the amount of drinking water, not to blindly accepted theory of eight glasses of water, avoid to cause kidney burden. 2, isolation sunscreen is essential: most dark skin is caused by ultraviolet melanin deposit. So don't want to be a yellow face woman, pregnant mother must make skin sunscreen every day. When going out, take the umbrella, hat, such as clothing, at the same time use segregation frost pregnant women, BB cream, and other products, to prevent the uv, uv protection. At the same time don't forget, after go home, want to use discharge makeup oil discharge makeup, pregnant women to avoid pore blockage. 3, master the correct way to chamfer: abandoned corneous layer accumulation on the surface of the skin, can cause skin texture of the dark. Moderate effective chamfer simple product, can help remove dirt on the surface of the skin, promote metabolism, and restore the skin tender and white. 4, often using the mask, apply face film on a regular basis, completes the filling water twice a week, there are certain activating carry bright effect. Insist for a long time, still can adjust water balance oil secretion, keep skin water embellish smooth state. After use mask, pregnant women should pay attention to at the same time, be sure to use hydrating products in time, lock the moisture essence, otherwise just injected into the skin cells of OEM skin care ingredients, will soon be lost in the air. In addition to using a mild natural skin care products for pregnant women, pregnant women OEM skin care products can also be prepared from the aspects of diet, such as proper eating tomatoes, kiwi, strawberries and other fruits are rich in vitamin C, helps to improve skin immunity, restrain melanin production, internal and external regulation farewell yellow face
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