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Pregnant women skin care new strategy to open New Year new atmosphere skin care knowledge

by:Zanyu     2020-11-11

a big New Year's day is coming, under the influence of the cold, as long as a little neglected, the skin will advance into the phase of aging. Damaged skin for pregnant mother to compare good posture to meet the arrival of the New Year, pregnant women winter skin care, what is the new strategy to open New Year new atmosphere?

red skin. In winter, blowing cold outdoors, indoors is blowing warm wind, the skin under extremely harsh environment, face reddening phenomenon will occur and make skin more bleak. In addition to the black spot, redness of skin is also a key factors to damage skin.

usually, cheeks turn red after moment will calm again, so most people often ignore the red problem of facial skin. But this kind of phenomenon occur frequently, the elasticity of the skin capillaries will become weak, blood vessels, is easy to see red. The skin problems will become more serious in winter, red skin maintenance work should not be ignored.

first, must avoid temperature change evident in the environment. In addition, more stimulation such as cigarettes, alcohol or hot food will cause adverse effect to the body, this must be highly vigilant attitude, in order to avoid causing redness of the skin. In the New Year approaching, want to have perfect skin, must pay attention to get rid of their own habits. Also, carefully looking for bad OEM skin care habits. Although there is a saying, clean face after the comparison of one step want to pat your face with cold water. But if the water washing a face particularly cool, harmful to reddish skin instead. So remember to complete the clean face with warm water.

your face the appearance of fine lines. Dry climate, wrinkles are more and more obvious, make the skin elasticity. This is before the arrival of New Year one must solve the skin problems.

the more skin lacks water, fine lines are more and more obvious. In foundation must be to do a good job of hydrating and moisturizing OEM skin care stage, so as to strengthen the skin moisturizing walls. In addition, in the basic skin care stage, with his fingers on face at the same time, also the temples and the earlobe, not only can the skin sagging, and chin to ear parts of the line will be more smooth and perfect.

in order to do a good job moisturizing, suggest to apply at least once a week keep wet noodle film. When choosing moisturizing facial mask, skin soybean milk silk facial mask is rich in nutrients, soybean extract can improve facial lines, avoid pore is bulky.

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