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Pregnant women skin care note: pregnant women to protect skin to taste dosage also has exquisite

by:Zanyu     2020-11-09
In the face of a variety of skin problems, the pregnant mother can be solved with pregnant women to protect skin to taste is beautiful, but in the process of maintenance, the dosage of the pregnant woman OEM skin care products use incorrect may also affect its effect that protect skin, then the different dosage of pregnant women to protect skin to taste what pay attention to? Pregnant women cleanser: two thirds of a one yuan coin size can cleanser overuse can lead to excessive skin clean, make the skin layer of water and oil imbalances and appear the symptom such as dry itching, and too much cleanser for failing to clean, and cannot be absorbed by skin, easy to jam the skin! When pregnant women to clean the skin so you just need to squeeze about two thirds of a one yuan coin size of cleanser is enough, the foam cleanser was need more! Toner: wet make up cotton pregnant women use lotion should be equipped with cosmetic cotton, use make up cotton is effective to avoid contamination of finger contact with makeup is tasted, the other a slight chamfer, wipe the face with cosmetic cotton. Use lotion has a foundation secondary cleaning and moisturizing effect, so when using lotion should not save dosage, must give skin complement moisture, full advised pregnant mom OEM skin care should be put the make up water wet make up cotton as the standard. Skin cream: 3 - 4 drops can be like the bean milk skin firming moisturizing essence and essence in daily basic makeup product concentration is higher, more nutrients to protect skin to taste, easily absorbed by skin. But not good absorption will be big dosage used, because of large amount of use, the skin is not fully absorbed, only after the skin absorption saturation will cause the waste, and will also cause skin burden. Using the essence of dosage should for 3 - 4 drops, face evenly daub can. Lip balm: light many times with many pregnant mother feel winter easily cracked lips, so like to apply a thick layer of lip balm in labial ministry, but lipstick painted in the dust of the thick easy adsorption air --, adverse instead the health of pregnant women and babies; Moreover the lipstick of coating too thick will make lips overburdened and unable to breathe, so advised pregnant mother when daub embellish lipstick light apply a layer of can, but need to fill in time, daub 2 - at least daily 3 times.
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