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Pregnant women skin care of several major principles

by:Zanyu     2020-11-17

after pregnancy, women's skin to become poor is understandable, because is affected by the hormone changes, cause skin problems. So, when the pregnant mother to face all kinds of skin problems is the let it got worse, or under what measures to take to save his own skin?

1, often water, keep the moisture in vivo and in vitro

appropriate drinking fruit juice, mineral water, tea, etc. , ensure the body with plenty of water; Often take a shower, wash your face, can make the skin absorb the moisture and moist; Can also be used steam fumigation, especially facial skin added moisture.

2, want to have enough sleep and rest

because of the skin after daytime insolation wind need to replenish nutrition and repair the damage cells. At ten o 'clock to four o 'clock in the morning and evening, is the skin recover more time.

3, want to strengthen nutrition

eat more contain vitamin fresh vegetables, fruit, eggs and sesame, honey, etc. , to strengthen the skin metabolism.

4, often massage facial skin

the morning adhere to use both hands down the facial muscles, blood vessels, gently massage a few minutes, promote the blood circulation and cell secretion, can increase the colloid and oily skin.

5, to regulate mood control

skin nerve is also controlled by the brain, if the spirit is bad or long-term tension, fear, depression and so on, can lead to poor circulation, skin nutrition supply, make the skin white, wrinkles, premature aging.

6, to commonly used emollients

emollients containing oil rosin acid and rich vitamin A, commonly used it can accelerate the skin blood circulation, stimulating facial cell secretion, improve skin physiology environment, to reduce the threat of climate on the skin and harm.

7, basic skin care cannot little

is not lack of basic OEM skin care during pregnancy. Maybe you heard of pregnancy, what is good to protect skin to taste don't brush on his face. Because worry about OEM skin care products contain hormone, may have adverse effect on the fetus. These is the conventional wisdom, and now appears on the market more normal pregnant women dedicated to protect skin brand. These skin care brand got certification, pregnant women, were also a lot of praise, has a good reputation, for the pregnant mother is, without the burden of OEM skin care products. Pregnant mother in the choice to protect skin to taste, they must choose the brand by quality assurance.

skin care tips: these are the basic principles of skin care, for the sake of your good face, pregnant mother can must to stick the oh! In addition, the summer is coming, the uv gradually strengthen, is necessary to strengthen the prevent bask in, oh, otherwise the spots on her face will be more and more obvious.

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