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Pregnant women skin care, pregnancy long blain?

by:Zanyu     2020-11-12

high progesterone secretion, eating quantity of heat, rest bad reasons can lead to acne breeds, such as how mothers pregnant muscle blain blain muscle problem? Pregnancy skin care specialist, said the pregnant mother only details in their clinging to the skin care during pregnancy, blain blain do to alleviate muscle, can very good relieve skin problems, repeat pregnancy immaculate smooth state

about long blain blain, many for the first time might think of using acne products, this is not feasible. Because acne removing products excitant is larger, and may contain harmful substances, so pregnant mother during pregnancy is better to avoid using in the skin care, lest cause irreversible damage to tire baby. So pregnant women long blain blain to do? The pregnancy pregnant mother can improve daily OEM skin care methods, to improve the symptoms of acne.

blain blain is afraid of fat, so must choose relaxed when skin care during pregnancy pregnant women to protect skin to taste, let skin lighter, is beneficial to improve the condition of blain blain. Rice pregnant women to protect skin to taste is a good choice for pregnant mothers, fresh texture, can control the water oil balance of skin, restrain the growth of the blain blain.

do once a week and clean face

too much skin give oil, grease easy accumulation, thus clogged pores, lead to acne, so on a regular basis to deep clean the skin is very important. Pregnant mother to do nursing, deep clean once a week with soymilk pregnant women after cleaning cleansing milk, then use clean face film, to remove excess grease, dredge pores.

time prepared to prevent bask in

in the sun exposure is easy to let the skin become black long spot, this believe we all know, in fact uv irritation can also trigger growth or aggravate the symptoms of acne, blain blain is therefore pregnant mothers during pregnancy in skin care must always be ready to prevent bask in. Because the pregnant mother can't use sunscreen, so application support sunshade, wear sunscreen, hats and other physical sunscreen way instead.

the good life habit

habits in a certain extent affect the effect of OEM skin care during pregnancy, if pregnant mother always stay up late, often eat spicy food, so skin long blain blain is likely to be normal. Want to have a good skin, do not stay up late, regular work and rest, eat more fruits and vegetables, exercise, ensure the quantity of drinking water and so on good living habits are significantly on the improvement of the blain blain is muscle.

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