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Pregnant women skin care products quality is stored properly safeguard skin care

by:Zanyu     2020-11-14

summer and the transition and the pregnant women to protect skin to taste the seasons. Pregnant women to protect skin to taste with nature beautiful skin essence for composition, without any additives, so to save the way there are strict requirements. If pregnant women use protect skin to taste and the rest of the summer, how to store to get after OEM skin care products in the autumn and winter spring still like new? , pregnancy skin care specialist, points out that pregnant women to protect skin to taste the deposit environment and take way will affect the quality of the skin care products, carefully stored and used to guarantee the quality.

a cool and dark place more appropriate for a pregnant woman OEM skin care products

a pregnant woman to protect skin to taste a bit like skin, it is afraid of the sun. Storage protect skin to taste, especially after opened to protect skin to taste must choose dark, a cool, dry and ventilated environment. Water quality ingredients such as soybean milk of moisturizer product, easy to make the water loss at high temperatures, make the skin dry, and easily make sour cream in the oil and water separation. , therefore, should not be too hot place for OEM skin care products, such as winter skin care products to stay away from the radiator.

clean save pregnant women to protect skin to taste is just as important as

a pregnant woman to protect skin to taste must avoid contamination, select clean environment preservation is very important to keep skin care products quality, otherwise the bacteria invasion, will harm the skin. Especially such as the makeup of the edible natural ingredients to protect skin to taste, nature components susceptible to bacterial decomposition. Suggested that pregnant mother not direct access to protect skin to taste with the hand, good packing to press the bottle or cotton swab. In addition, after each use protect skin to taste, be sure to tighten the lid; Outside is better not to discard geary the protection cover, more than a layer of barrier can cleaning, can also be effective components volatilization and loss of active ingredients.

unopened pregnant women to protect skin to be aware of deadlines

a lot of love to stock up after pregnant mother may have a summer, only to find that home and large amount of sunscreen in the unopened pregnant women to protect skin to taste. Kaifeng before pregnant women to protect skin to save, not can store at will, on the contrary, they also want to take care to ensure quality. Unopened pregnant women to protect skin to taste, don't jump the discarded packaging cartons, in order to avoid the light damage, but also placed in ventilation and temperature change is small, and there is no direct light place, and must strive for use prior to the expiration date. Regularly organize see which protects skin to taste is expiration, the contact face protect skin to taste, if more than four months no use, can throw into the garbage can.

the pregnant mother wants to have a more at the beauty of pregnancy, pregnant women must first learn to select high quality skin care products, such as pregnancy skin care brand, developed by its nature, rice, soybean extract essence makeup edible product, as high as food grade, effectively resolve various kinds of pregnant women skin problems. In addition, the preservation of the pregnant women to protect skin to taste to heat, moisture, antifreeze, sun protection, pollution prevention, scientific preservation can not only avoid waste, can also be on the premise of ensuring quality reach a good result for beauty.

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