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Pregnant women skin care products recommended skin care during pregnancy should avoid three big mistake

by:Zanyu     2020-11-15
Pregnant women skin care is said a taboo in the past, to one thousand, of a pregnant woman is heavily influenced by the degree of inhibition of maintenance requirements. When there is the first domestic pregnant women dedicated to protect skin to taste, all kinds of skin care concept began to comprehensive promotion during pregnancy, pregnant women's pent-up OEM skin care needs fully liberated, but many pregnant mother entered the maintenance. For pregnant women, pregnancy skin care specialist said skin undeserved or disfigured, pregnancy must be on the side of caution, avoid misunderstanding. Pregnant women to protect skin to taste recommend more mistake 1 have black cutin blackheads from improper cleaning skin grease, plugging in the pores after air oxidation to form. Many think that appear aggravating strawberry nose, be sure to effectively clean and frequent removing cutin. And, in fact, the thickness of the skin cutin layer is limited, if the frequent use of chamfer simple product, will cause the surface skin of wear and tear, cause red blood silk, sensitive skin and a series of problems. Pregnancy to protect skin against black, therefore, need to do a good job in basic hygiene, and timely filling water to maintain water oil balance, chamfer frequency to maintain 1 to 2 times in half a month. Pregnant women OEM cosmetics oil recommended mistake 2 face not the arrival of spring in essence oil causes temperatures rise, many pregnant women began to appear on the face of a large amount of grease is secreted. Pregnancy skin care brand repeatedly called for, spring to protect skin to taste to select the product of light and easy to absorb, change garments according to the maintenance of skin. In the part of the understanding of the pregnant mother, essence oil is an oily substance, absorption effect is not good, not suitable for the spring. And, in fact, become to repair essence oil, this product is as high as 30 times the penetration, can achieve in-depth skin hydrating repair, more can enhance the nourishing moisturizing effect of other skin care products, suitable for all the year round. Pregnant women to protect skin to taste recommend myth 3 makeup with cleansing milk during pregnancy, many to carry bright color of skin, block defect beautiful skin, choose water ripples the CC cream, supple this naked makeup BB cream, etc. , for simple makeup look. Because this kind of product is lightsome, makeup look natural, not with a thick makeup feeling, so part of the pregnant women use cleanser for unloading. Product research and development, said an official with the pregnant women dedicated cosmetics is extremely high, but if not timely cleaning, unloading will be blocked in the pores, skin texture. So no matter what time, as long as you use the containing block defect skin isolation effect of the product, to use discharge makeup oil unloading. Pregnant women to the harm of improper skin care within a day or two is very ugly, but in the long run skin maintenance, if keep the wrong skin care habits, will be for the skin depth of the damage. during pregnancy, therefore, be sure to stick to the correct skin care concept, scientific maintenance of habit.
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