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Pregnant women skin care products related to 10 q&a pregnant women to protect skin to taste

by:Zanyu     2020-11-14

after pregnancy, skin care becomes a matter that need to be especially careful with, many of the pregnant mother heart might have countless questions about skin care during pregnancy, pregnant women to protect skin to taste, here small make up to sort out the attention related questions and answers about pregnant women to protect skin to taste, reference for pregnant mothers, hope to help pregnant mother skin care.

Q1: why the skin will become worse during pregnancy?

A1: can lead to pregnant mother's pregnancy hormones such as estrogen, progesterone and progesterone levels of change, affecting the water storage ability of skin and skin membrane integrity. After skin water shortage, there will be water oil balance, too dry or too oil, easily sensitive, can appear even pigmentation or discoloration, over time, pregnancy skin will be worse.

Q2: pregnancy can protect skin?

A2: the answer is yes, pregnancy should not only protect skin, even skin care system. During pregnancy, the skin of the great changes are organizational structure and nutrition structure, the damage to the skin has the irreversibility, modern medicine has proved that maternal brings to the female skin damage equal to 10 ~ 13 years of natural aging process. If miss the nursing is a good time, later period is often difficult to remedy, so is the need for skin care during pregnancy.

Q3: why can't pregnant women with normal skin care products?

A3: because ordinary skin care products is likely to add the overdose of heavy metals in products and even drug ingredients, use during pregnancy, may lead to fetal abnormalities and neonatal low intelligence. Maternal skin care specialist in this remind you pregnant mom, never with normal pregnancy skin care products, so as not to cause unnecessary damage.

Q4: pregnant women should use what kind of skin care products?

A4: pregnant women to protect skin to taste must contain two more basic features: 1 high sex, it is also a pregnant woman to protect skin to taste of the more important features, must ensure that the impact on maternal and infant is no harm, no; 2, effectively improve skin problems can improve a variety of skin problems during pregnancy, let skin restore vitality. At present, the market reputation better pregnant women OEM cosmetics brand is to satisfy the above two characteristics.

Q5: how to identify suitable for use in pregnant women to protect skin to taste?

the A5: pregnant women with a mild stimulation to protect skin to taste, be assured of: to no harm. Ordinary skin care products is not applicable for pregnant women, although baby protects skin to taste is mild without stimulation, but the baby OEM skin care products do not contain pregnant nutrients for the skin and can't repair and improve the skin for pregnant women, thus not suitable for pregnant women.

Q6: pregnant women to protect skin to taste with the ordinary protect skin to taste what is the difference?

A6: : pregnant women to protect skin to taste is special according to the characteristics of pregnant women to research and development production, for example, a pregnant woman to protect skin to taste the first place, its product was compared with the normal skincare big difference is that: the products are applied in the essence of the non-gmo food raw material extraction, gentle quality, don't add alcohol, mineral oil, dyestuff, harmful substances such as hormones, heavy metal, effectively avoid the common OEM skin care products to the injury of the fetus.

Q7: word of mouth good which is pregnant women skincare brand?

A7: it is now pregnant women skin care products industry word-of-mouth good brand, both in terms of sales, or a look from friendly degree of brand awareness, or a look from the consumers' evaluation, are now in the pregnant woman OEM skin care products list industry leader, and won the trust and favor of tens of millions of pregnant mother.

Q8: the characteristics of the pregnant women to protect skin to taste is?

A8: the characteristics of the pregnant women to protect skin to taste is:

( 1) Sex. Raw materials from the nature, pollution-free plant non-gmo organic growth, natural environment, do not contain heavy metals, harmful material such as alcohol, mineral oils, dyes, hormone, strictly to ensure the harmless to:.

( 2) Targeted. Specifically for Asian women's skin and maternal women special physiological change.

( 3) Effectiveness. Products with light soft texture, transient absorption and long-lasting moisturizing, which contain a variety of beautiful skin, give skin fully nourish and care.

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