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Pregnant women skin care products use tricks of the trade, the correct skin's personally taught skin care steps

by:Zanyu     2020-11-17

pregnant women due to frequent hormone affects skin problems, become dry and sensitive, want to solve the problems the skin without a series of nursing work, especially pregnant women use step that protects skin to taste is not any errors, then let's look at the skin's personally taught the use of know-how.

the use of pregnant women to protect skin to taste steps mainly for pregnant women to protect skin to taste in terms of the nature and quality of a material, should be from thin to thick, from weak to strong. In general, pregnant women to protect skin to taste the proper use of step is:

a, cleansing

in daily cleansing, pregnant mother is better to use weak acid properties such as soybean milk cleanser mild cleanser, and use warm water wash a face, cold water to clean face of washing a face alternately method, after washing will face excess water with dry towel blot. Facial cleaning, can remove dirt on the face, avoid dirt influence subsequent pregnant women to protect skin to taste the utility of play.

2, lotion

toner not only has moisturizing effect, and can have secondary cleaning, get through the skin. After cleansing your face, in the state or wet use make up cotton dips in make up water and gently pat on the face, can make the skin to better absorb the follow-up nutrition of pregnant women to protect skin to taste.

three, eye care

eye week skin is one of the human body more parts for the fragile skin, prone to the ageing phenomenon such as dry lines, suggested that the pregnant mother use the size of a grain of eye cream, such as soymilk eye gel, clockwise point massage, help skin to absorb.

4, essence

essence ingredients is higher, so not every pregnant mother need to use the essence, suggested that the skin dry pregnant mother use, note that the pregnant mother don't use contains the potent essence, such as efficient whitening efficiency of the pregnant women of whitening OEM cosmetics often contain a lot of heavy metals.

5, cream or lotion

the weather was cold, moisture less seasons, suggested that the pregnant mother use face cream, nutrients and oil content is higher, can form a protective film on the surface of the skin, protect skin. If warm wet season, it is recommended that pregnant mother to switch to the emulsion, the quality of a material is frivolous, also can replenish skin's natural moisture. Six, isolation

this is many use important step after the comparison of pregnant women to protect skin to taste, now the air pollution is very serious, and the skin is extremely sensitive, a pregnant woman, and easy to stimulate the skin, air pollutants and had an impact spuc air pollution on the early stages of pregnancy, so recommend that pregnant women go out to daub segregation frost, both isolation outside air pollution, and can form a protective film, reduce or even avoid the skin moisture loss.

to do OEM skin care during pregnancy except for pregnant women to choose effective protect skin to taste, also need the right OEM skin care steps, a combination of these can make ideal effect that protect skin.

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