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Pregnant women skin care seconds kill make flawless skin pores to do so

by:Zanyu     2020-11-03
After pregnancy, many women find the face of the increasingly bulky pore, even has spread from the T area to the cheeks. In fact, this is due to the fluctuation of progesterone, causes the skin grease is secreted out of balance, causing caused by clogged pores. Pregnant women to protect skin to shrink pores, to start from the four aspects. A, warm water wash a face to wash water temperature is too high or too low, close to the body's temperature is appropriate, the water is too hot can take away the skin moisture, and water temperature too low stimulation to the skin. So good advice is at higher temperature than the hand temperature, this is a good wash water temperature, daily face clean basic OEM skin care, to shrink the pores of the follow-up work can be very helpful, can wash a face skin can delay aging. Second, the choice of OEM skin care products do not use contains strong anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, maintain article. This component is very easy to damage the skin nature and make the skin resistance, make the wool stoma block. Not only bad for closing pores, and even more coarse pore, melanin precipitation problem is more obvious. during pregnancy, or to use this kind of pregnant women dedicated to protect skin to taste, mild nature without stimulation. Third, do not use alkaline wash soap or soap using alkaline wash soap or soap, very bad for skin maintenance. More alkaline components easy to stimulate the pore, make pore becomes bulky and, tight skin also becomes dry, dry autumn, in particular, more sensitive and fine wrinkles. Four, makeup carefully used many pregnant women dedicated BB cream after makeup, does not pay attention to the makeup. Doing so will make the long-term sebum dirt residues and cause a variety of skin problems, such as pore is bulky. Accurate discharge makeup method to do: removing the first facial makeup, and then use facial cleanser sparkling clean, remove with clean water, clean towel dry gently. In pregnancy, more than 70% of women will encounter the problem of pore is bulky, wants to shrink pores, delay the aging of the skin, and shall make base skin clean, choose gentle nature of the pregnant women dedicated to protect skin to taste, daily also should make ample moisture to work.
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