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Pregnant women skin care should be guided to repair and maintenance to avoid four big mistake

by:Zanyu     2020-11-02
Gestation, many pregnant women in order to delay the aging of the skin, can choose some skin care products for daily skin care. But in it, there are more than 70% of women entered the nursing mistake, not only results in skin care essence cannot effectively play, even to the skin and tire baby health brings certain threat. Pregnant women skin care must avoid the following four big mistake! A, the use of skin care products under the influence of progesterone effect, many pregnant women's skin is dark yellow, uneven skin texture. The so-called a white covering thousands of ugly, a black skin, many pregnant mother will worry whitening products of choose and buy, want to let skin faded yellow, recovery the water embellish. Although this kind of product effect can realize the rapid and improve skin texture in a short time, but there is a certain harmful substances, is likely to pose a threat to the health of tire baby. Skin care during pregnancy, pregnant women should choose gentleness is special skin care products. Second, excessive skin daub skincare pregnant mother to cope with the problem, so often like to apply a thick layer of pregnant women to protect skin to taste, thought that the better for the skin. Pregnant women actually used in skin care cosmetics need right amount, because too much too thick accumulation on the skin, protects skin to taste, the skin to absorb more nutrients, can make skin care only stays on the skin, clog pores and enlarged pores, so skin care products use need right amount. Three, cause pore bulky for pregnant women, although the makeup can block defect modify the skin problems during pregnancy, but may be too thick bottom makeup or makeup time is too long can make skin breath, plus regular skin care products contain a large amount of heavy metals, mineral oil, hormones and other substances, these substances to stimulate the skin can also lead to big pores. Therefore recommend that pregnant women pregnant women use OEM cosmetics, such as surplus embellish this naked makeup BB cream, etc. 4, ignore the importance of the discharge makeup pregnant women wearing makeup go out home, should be timely clean discharge makeup. Because if it is not completely clean discharge makeup, easy to cause the skin with makeup remnants, over time, residual will jam caused skin cosmetics can't breathe, hold large skin pores. Recommend that pregnant women use mild cleanser after discharge makeup, clean in time using the toner shrink skin pores, and stick to the subsequent maintenance of skin, make skin water embellish. Skin care during pregnancy, must pay attention to and mild, not urgent work urgent, otherwise will not only damage the pregnant mother's skin health, and may hinder the tire baby's normal development. Maternal skin care specialist suggested that pregnant women, pregnant women choose gentle nature special skin care products, combined with the right skin care technique, can realize the reversal of the skin texture in pregnancy.
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