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Pregnant women skin care skin care matters needing attention during pregnancy is premise

by:Zanyu     2020-11-01

the love of beauty of life is not a heart, the pursuit of beauty is part of the age, regardless of boundaries, after pregnant woman also hope to get dolled up on himself. Pregnant women skin care is the premise, many mom in the face of variable quality to protect skin to taste is very upset, what skin care method for pregnant women, pregnancy skin care what matters needing attention.

a, pregnant women daily skin care method

1, cleansing

pregnancy skin is very sensitive, each should be used when washing a face, mild nature without stimulation of cleansing products, such as soy milk, rice cleanser. After washing with the hand gently pat a few times, such as moisture dry, with mild emulsion put on the skin and smooth on face

2, glycerin & rarr; Moisturizing

soymilk hydrating pregnant women to protect skin to taste is a common moisturizer skin care during pregnancy, is mother's skin care market. According to dermatologists commissioner, has the good moisturizing function, more important is, with wild soybean YuanLiaoXing better, do not contain any irritating ingredients, even sensitive skin, you can rest assured use, will not harm fetuses. In order to ensure that the belly baby's healthy growth.

3, olive oil & rarr; Sunscreen

in the west is called beauty of oil olive oil, in addition to eat, and the cosmetic effect of nature. Because olive oil viscosity is stronger, do not contain essence, therefore on mother yes to protect skin to taste. Olive oil is A rich source of fatty acids and vitamins A, D, E, K, F and other fat-soluble vitamins, nature can the skin moisture loss, have the effect very much to moisturize and maintain dry skin, also can make the skin to restore the natural elasticity. In addition, olive oil is special for uv absorption ability, can effectively protect the skin from sunburn.

when the weather is cold, expectant mothers often arise lips peeling, skin weather-shack phenomenon, such as olive oil can also play the role of embellish lipstick and lip gloss. As long as the coated with a small amount of olive oil, two or three days later can make lips to sleek, expectant mothers may wish to daub on or before you go to bed before going out on his lips.

4, d C→ To black

all face problems during pregnancy are caused by inside and outside. Want blackheads will drink water more, appropriate for the skin filling water. Or eat more contain vitamin C, like fresh fruits and vegetables, also can take some vitamin B2, C.

5, eye care

eye care of pregnant women not so-so, easy to wrinkles around the eye, so eye moist is the primary for pregnant mothers. Is better to choose soymilk firming eye gel, tie-in and massage. In addition to master good sleep time, must go to bed before ten o 'clock in the evening.

2, pregnant women, skin care note

1, don't use too hot water washs a face

oily skin, the first thing we think of is how to grease. Many mothers-to-be think, the higher the temperature, to grease effect is better. But neither too high or too low water temperature, give skin caused great burden. Accurate method is to first with warm water wash away the dust, on the face with warm water can enlarge pore, conducive to clean pores. And then use water that is lower than the skin cleaning. So that we can promote the face blood circulation, enhance the flexibility of facial skin.

2, choose a mild skin care products

now many others can contain lead, mercury in OEM cosmetics or hormones, not very much, not only bad for the skin, can cause harm to the belly of the baby. So, mothers should use very gentle product, so you can kill two birds with one stone. In order to make or do not contain spices, more important is that, no stimulation, will not affect the baby products, mother also won't allergy. Pregnant women dedicated to protect skin to taste, the nature, is a common authentication must pregnant mother the conscience of the brand.

3, early pregnancy sensitive resistance is the main melody

now most women are pregnant after 25 years old, has begun to gradually aging skin, especially vulnerable skin become very early in pregnancy, is easily affected by external environment, such as pollution, radiation, and even allergic to pollen. So sensitive skin class mothers to go out must be under quarantine, coated with soymilk segregation frost.

4, maintain indoor temperature, better air humidifier, or put a basin of water indoors.

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