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Pregnant women skin care taboos during pregnancy skin notice

by:Zanyu     2020-12-10
1, massage during pregnancy in the beauty salon massage can ease your mind and body, but you have to carefully select a massage therapist. Note that pregnancy massage strength, skills and position is very important, not to massage abdomen, otherwise it will damage the pregnant women and fetal health. 2, aromatherapy, aromatherapy doctors recommend pregnant women don't usually do, because the aromatherapy products of essential oil is not suitable for pregnant women. Aromatherapy products such as: geranium, mint, etc, etc. Can only be used after 12 weeks of pregnancy. Lavender, jasmine, etc. Need to 16 weeks of pregnancy to use. 3, hair removal during pregnancy, women's estrogen and progesterone levels much higher than usual, so the hair grows very fast. All of the hair removal cream on the market contain chemical composition, is not recommended for pregnant women. However, although the chemical composition of beauty salon no so-called acusector hair removal, but the current stimulus will still affect the fetus. If you want to hair removal during pregnancy, had better use hair removal knife gently hair removal, damage is minimal.
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