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Pregnant women skin care tip 4 move away from the fat granule is bright again

by:Zanyu     2020-11-11

every love beautiful pregnant mother wants to have a perfect face, white face does not allow any impurities, but when his tender cheek when suddenly a few adipose bead, any a pregnant mother cannot calm calm down, and in the presence of adipose bead try their best to eliminate it, also is we can take action to defend our face now. Here to teach you the pregnant woman OEM skin care tips, let you stay away from fat granule is bright again.

what is adipose bead

on the face grow adipose bead is a kind of especially white goose pimples around the eye, is usually due to the existence of tiny wound on the skin, the skin repair itself in the process of the generation of the size of the white sesame small bumps. Another cause is due to the sebum didn't be removed in time and was covered with cuticle, thus accumulated in the skin surface to form the white particles.

let me introduce you to four recruit adipose bead form inside and outside and repair method, let you have a perfect face.

from adipose bead one: to do facial cleaning

want to get rid of the fat granule, pregnant mother need from adipose bead formation reasons to find a solution, as to the reasons for the formation of adipose bead, I have already described in the last paragraph, so pregnant mother should be timely make facial cleaning, using soybean milk cleanser clean every night, to ensure the metabolism of facial skin. If the face cutin layer is thick, so the metabolism of the skin can become slow, pregnant mother can use mild chamfer simple product on a regular basis will be corneous layer in a timely manner, in order to maintain normal metabolism, to ensure normal excretion and absorption of the skin.

to stay away from fat granule, often facial massage

why adipose bead will often appear around the eye, that pregnant mother often with the eye excessive at ordinary times, once with the eye excessive, the blood circulation around the eye will slow down. So often the pregnant mother in front of the computer, want to often to eye massage, massage gently when do loop.

away from adipose bead 3, choose suitable to protect skin to taste,

the long-term use is not suitable for their skin care products can lead to the generation of adipose bead! Especially feel dry skin, should make sure is a shortage of oil or water. Pregnant mother common type is the difference in fat metabolism ability weak skin, should choose designed for sensitive and weak skin, oil content is low, easy to absorb OEM skin care products, natural plant ingredients of pregnant women. After choose the right to protect skin to taste, if a small number of grease grains will fade in a month.

from adipose bead light meal, eat more fruit and four

if the food contains a lot of fat, eating these foods high in fat, then the body is bound to increase the oil facial greasy will happen, if the face oily substances not clear in time, if the face is a small gap, so naturally, your face will surely adipose bead. For pregnant mother often facial oil, a large number of rich food or Fried food, maternal and child health and cause temporary regardless of adipose bead, the pores of facial thinner would be a problem.

eat more fruit, is because the fruit contains a lot of vitamin C and moisture, can supply enough water for facial skin, provide sufficient nutrition. Enough to keep your facial water tender, adipose bead naturally will not to harass you.

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