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Pregnant women skin care tips to teach you to eliminate eye fine lines

by:Zanyu     2020-11-10

pregnancy hormones, eye has quietly appeared many pregnant mother found the clues of the crow's feet. Don't be afraid, remove fine lines eye tips will make the fish disappeared without a trace. As long as the operation of your fingers gently click, wrinkles will be eliminated soon.

3 minutes, add double elasticity to skin

the first 1 minute is wash eye massage for 1 minute. Counterclockwise with middle finger in the eye, to the temples fingers gently lift eye, light on by two times, each time that wash a face massage can thoroughly clean the dirt in the pores and excess fat, increase the elasticity of the skin.

refers to the second 1 minute after facial cleaning, use eye cream eye essence or massage for 1 minute, and thereby reduce wrinkle. First point a thin layer of eye cream around the eyes or eye essence, and then press on the inner eye, eyelid, eye end, the order of the canthus outside gently massage, skin until fully absorbed. In the process of massage, light pressure, under the eye socket, eye eye end, you will feel very comfortable.

after lunch, just do after a break, do a simple eye massage for 1 minute, can help the eye skin smooth blood circulation. You can use the middle finger and ring finger lightly in the eye socket, relieve eye tissues. To start with the bridge of the nose, with middle finger gently press the eyelids, in turn by the inner eye to eye end. Starting from outer canthus, after comparing with middle finger gently press the eyelids, by eye end according to the inner eye.


1. Apply eye cream, using not too big, too much eye cream can't be absorbed by the skin, easy adipose bead.

2。 Facial skin is a texture, the wrong massage will only increase the skin wrinkles, while the right massage technique can promote the blood circulation, improve the eye skin.

right eye cream to eliminate eye fine lines are equally important. First on the list of pregnant women to protect skin to taste ten DaPaiXing, for pregnant women to soymilk series make OEM skin care market, the dominance of accomplished now, ace beany flavor of six times in the 31 consecutive months entire network sales miracle. Which eye repair essence dew belonging to become pure soybean milk soymilk series, from the international product formula master li jinhua, product raw materials, formulation and product efficacy based on the original soymilk series, a comprehensive upgrade. Pregnancy skin care specialist said, the product selection of high-purity nature wild soybean seed, rich in a variety of active ingredients, can achieve a double increase in the degree of water embellish, firm eye week, repair the sebum, replenish collagen, effectively resist aging, protect the eyes.

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