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Pregnant women skin care to avoid skin cleaning myth spring break fat spell to do so

by:Zanyu     2020-11-08
Wash your face OEM skin care during pregnancy, as we all know, occupies the important position in the process, if not selected during pregnancy to clean face product, not only waste oil accumulation in pore, are more likely to suffer from the dust in the air in the spring, trigger allergies. Spring weather is oily, many pregnant mother reaction washs a face to wash not clean, why will appear this kind of circumstance? Wash a face should be avoided during pregnancy traps? A, don't cling to the normal situation should be is once in the morning and evening washs a face, but if you need to often go out, so the secretion of sweat gland a mixture of the dirt in the air can make the skin is very oily feeling uncomfortable. Appear this kind of circumstance, pregnant mothers can appropriately increase the frequency of washing a face once or twice, but must pay attention to the milk is better not to use interface, especially the powerful cleaning products. If you can feel the face oily discomfort, better use mild, the nature of the cleansing products. Second, the control of water temperature at the time of cleansing water temperature is very important, the water of overheat can let skin protective film is removed, it will make easy to loose skin, pores increases, lead to rough skin, wrinkles easily. In addition if wash oil too much, can let the accelerated ageing of the skin. Instead if cleansing with low temperature water, can make the skin pores closed, cannot clean accumulation inside the pores of sebum and dirt, dirt, not only cannot achieve the effect of skin care, it will easily lead to the growth of acne, pimples, etc. The correct way is about 35 ℃ warm water to clean face, then rinse with cold water. Three, focus on clean T area when we were in clean face direction should be from down to up to knead gently wash, because we face cutin cell is down is covered on the distribution, so if we turned about to clean, it must be more than in accordance with the direction of squamous clean clean. Actually we T zone is relatively easy hiding dirt, better have laid a few times. 4, pay attention to clean these areas bun bun and temples and temples are easier to residual hair conditioner or hair products, so should be pay attention to clean, and particularly sensitive eye skin, should stay in comparison to clean after, in case of skin cleaning supplies. Five, can't let air dry if after washing a face, let it dry naturally, the skin will become cool, because natural evaporation such vasoconstriction may cause skin is dry, it is easy to appear wrinkles, peeling, etc. So after washing a face, want to use toner immediately, and then use the essence, lotion, such ability make the skin better absorption. Temperature rise due to spring, but again very windy weather, dust and dust mites in the air, easily adsorbed on the skin. Pregnant mother's face appeared too sticky discomfort, in fact, because the skin water and oil secretion imbalance, therefore, except to do a good job of cleaning basis after washing a face, but also pay attention to moisture.
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