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Pregnant women skin care to avoid the three pitfalls fearless pregnancy become ugly

by:Zanyu     2020-11-09

with the emergence of pregnant women to protect skin to taste, every beauty pregnant mother pregnant women choose to suit oneself use protect skin to taste for maintenance, to achieve more pregnant more beauty, but pregnancy OEM skin care if improper method, will not only waste of pregnant women to protect skin to taste, still can cause irritation, inflammation, dull and other skin problems. The pregnant woman OEM skin care three common pitfalls.

a, don't blindly chamfer

many likes to follow suit to buy some not suitable for their OEM skin care products, such as to the chamfer simple product function sex is extremely strong. Sensitive skin will appear red blood silk, because the skin cutin layer is damaged, appear the skin nerve, which caused by long-term stimuli. If chamfer blindly, will cause the corneous layer by constant wear and tear, again to stimulate the skin, skin itching, serious damage skin health. So sensitive skin of pregnant mother, don't blindly chamfer.

2, don't overnutrition

a lot of sensitive skin of pregnant mother, in order to improve skin texture, extensive use of different functions of skin care products. For example, frequently apply face film, using dense texture moisturizing cream, more will cause skin nutrition surplus. A large number of elite fluid plugging in the pores, stimulate hair follicles, of the gland increased red blood silk phenomenon.

three, deliberately appropriate heating maintenance

skin sensitive pregnant mother, not to be able to use hot water washing, can accentuate otherwise skin sensitive symptoms. But pregnant mother in the process of maintenance, if appropriate to protect skin to taste heating, can promote skin absorption capacity, better improve the effect of maintenance. Before using emulsion, essence, for example, pregnant mothers can take appropriate place in the palm to preheat the circle. After all points on the face gently, gently push away, then gently pat promote absorbed.

pregnancy should pay attention to protect skin, gentle, science, and only based on the basis, to ensure the maternal and child health, so the pregnant mother carefully choose a good skin care brand, in the control at the same time, mastering the scale of the skin maintains.

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