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Pregnant women skin care to master maintenance tips

by:Zanyu     2020-11-11

want to maintain the skin water embellish young state, pregnant mother nature will choose to suit oneself to protect skin to taste, to do OEM skin care. Pregnancy skin care specialist think, most of the pregnant women in the process of OEM skin care, overlooked the master maintenance skills, is eventually took a lot of energy, but can't achieve the effect that protect skin of beautiful. So the pregnant woman skin care to grasp what tips?

a, always pay attention to prevent bask in

a dermatologist, said: the sun and heredity is premature wrinkles of the more important factors. 90% uv radiation is the cause of the skin getting old. In the age of 20 +, from now on, prevent bask in, everything is too late. Soybean milk nourishes the segregation frost can weaken the UV rays and help wrinkles.

2, skin moisturizing skin care is the key to

with age the skin hydrating function is began to decline, especially long-term stay in air conditioning room, skin tight, dry, oily skin also make out the oil in the appearance of dry, dry skin of the pregnant mother started peeling. Can carry soymilk moisturizing spray, apply the hydrating mask, a day before you go home to sleep to ensure every day skin enough moisture.

three don't rub too long on the face, makeup article

pregnant women vulnerable sensitive skin, better use discharge makeup water, nature can in a short period of time out of the residual makeup dirt. But if rub for too long, it will take too much skin moisture, grease, cutin, cause skin in a state of water shortage, induce wrinkles and fine lines.

4, insisted that wash a face with wen shui

cooking program to keep meat and classes, use cold that often, but the living will delicate skin to do the same thing doesn't work. Cold water washs a face the tight feeling lasts for 30 minutes at most, and the sudden cooling stimulation, make facial blushing, causing capillaries became thicker in the long term. So skin care during pregnancy, be sure to wash a face with warm water.

in addition, the pregnant mother also pay attention to keep our skin care products, use face cream, gel mask, is better not to dig up with the hand, and should use the mask comes out, all points on the face. Before to protect skin, also want to wash their hands, lest bacteria mixed with OEM skin care products, into the skin.

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