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Pregnant women skin care to master three coup refused to your forehead

by:Zanyu     2020-11-11
In pregnancy, women appear to speed up the aging speed of skin, many face in the years trace, particularly forehead appeared deep shallow on your forehead. during pregnancy, pregnant mother should start from three aspects, completes the forehead soothing massage, refused to your forehead! A massages forehead, reduce your forehead first, will both hands middle finger and ring finger together together, and then use stomach gently stroked massage upward from the eyebrows. Position from the middle of the forehead and then to the left and right side in the form of a circle to massage, massage gently press to the location of the temple, the massage stick to 15 minutes, better cooperate on soybean milk nourishing essence. In the morning every day for a massage, can desalt forehead lines. Second, the essential oils to cooperate essence oil massage to relieve your forehead, dilute your forehead can also help the pregnant mother. For example in the morning and evening after cleansing, apply adequate amount to repair essence oil on palm, be looped after preheating, then apply evenly on the face, then gently massage, keep 3 minutes long. Three, hot compress, massage to remove your forehead skin water shortage will cause your forehead, in every night before bed soak in hot water with a towel, to dry after apply on the forehead, this can let the skin absorb moisture, about apply 2 & ndash; After 5 minutes, the hands of the four fingers together, where the forehead massage, massage from left to right when you need to press, repetitive movements for about 15 minutes. Remember later want to do a good job of hydrating, avoid the loss of skin moisture. All say don't OEM skin care during pregnancy, at ten years old. Want to refuse your forehead, keep skin clear water embellish, pregnant mother will do the daily maintenance of skin, and relieve the forehead has formed the grain, but be careful not to cut in sexual selection effect strong products, so as not to damage the maternal and child health.
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