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Pregnant women skin care to seven factors from pore show immaculate muscle

by:Zanyu     2020-11-01
Pore is bulky, skin dark, often kill the chief culprit of perfect skin. Many pregnant mother mystery, in the process of skin care, pregnant mother twice a day, active maintenance. But the pore not only smaller, but more and more big, just on the face breed a whole piece of potholes. Actually, the pregnant woman skin appear large pores, mainly affected by the following several factors. One, cutin to stay up late, irregular life, the seasons and the effects of progesterone, pregnant mother's cutin metabolism rate is not normal, thick cutin accumulated around the pores, can make pore becomes coarse, also easy to be blocked at the same time, lead to formation of blackheads, whiteheads, and gradually enlarged pores inside. This kind of phenomenon is easy to appear in the forehead, nose, and on both sides of the cheeks. Second, dry, cutin once suck full of water, like taking a puff up the water in sponge cells around the pores is full of water absorption expansion, pore becomes not obvious nature; On the other hand, the skin surface of water, corneous layer will appear the appearance of the dry, rough, pore becomes more obvious. Many young pregnant mother in thine own skin young capital, often ignore this, poor skin moisture-retaining ability, in addition to let skin table looks rough, rough pore, also can make color of skin dark heavy light. Three excite, squeeze pimples, acne is excessive sebum capsule if accumulated too much sebum, and wool stoma by dirt blocking, prone to fester bacterium, wool bursa inflammation easily, cause acne, comedo build long. If excessive squeeze pimples, acne, skin is broken, and once the damage to the dermis, and lack the skin regeneration function, it is difficult to produce new cells, concave-convex scar left, make wool stoma becomes bulky. Provocative OEM cosmetics and medicine cream lotion, long-term use of powerful sexual or convergence powerful medicine cream, anti-inflammatory, water can make the wool stoma block is more serious, grease excretion not to come out, such as sterilization and lack of proper care, will be more and more serious, wool stoma can expand. Four, loose skin aging caused by capillary enlarged with the increase of age, blood circulation is not smooth, gradually the subcutaneous tissue of skin fat layer is so easy to loose, lack of flexibility, if there is no appropriate maintenance and care of GNP accelerated aging, wool stoma nature also further expanded. Five, the block of wool stoma contamination cause wool stoma to enlarge the epidermal basal layer of skin constantly manufacturing cells, and to the top, after cell aging, usually fall off naturally. But the wool stoma block, skin metabolism is not smooth, cannot fall off as scheduled, cause wool stoma to expand. Six or mite bug mite infection after infection, parasitic in the place where people facial sebaceous, mites under the dim light in the evening is peristaltic crawling to the hair follicles to mate, because the mites in and out every day hair follicles, over time the pore stimulation, this is also a cause of pore is bulky. Pore bulky will affect the pregnant mother's face not only beautiful, will also increase the difficulty of the daub on the isolation and makeup, and it is easy to appear card powder, uneven skin tone, makeup and other problems. So pregnant women skin care if want to stay away from the pore, there must be clear pore is the key to promote the reason, to do a good job of cleaning, moisturizing base at the same time, pay attention to wash the sheets bedding bag, avoid mite infection.
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