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Pregnant women skin care will see: three parts easy to leak age

by:Zanyu     2020-11-12
During pregnancy, many pregnant mother to have relatively poor state of skin, tend to use a variety of methods, make the skin daily care. But the pregnant mother found that the skin texture, though improved, but always hide the whole years trace. In fact, the pregnant mother probably missing, neglected the three parts of the nursing. And these three parts, is easier to reveal women's biological age. The eye skin, eye skin is a part of the skin more delicate, not only is easy to dry, damaged, or more prone to aging. For dry skin, the problem is especially easy to appear, the obvious characteristic is the appearance of fine lines. For oily skin, ignore dry eye week skin is more prone to error. Eye week skin aging are often quietly appear, when really aware of the need to maintain, but is likely to be found: eye week skin has obvious sagging, fine lines eye more and no spirits, after comparison, look for any changes in the irreversible aging. Second, the nose to lip weeks in young women face, almost can't see it, but, as the growth of the age, next to the nose of the two is called the law of grain monsters will become more and more obvious. Law grains is typical of skin aging, skin surface is concave phenomenon. Think on astrology: wrinkles on either side of the nose can reflect the weight of one speaks, talking to the deeper the more grain weight. Translate this sentence true meaning in fact should be: highly respected at all, you are old. Three, the neck and forehead neck skin is the number of the sebaceous glands and sweat glands only 1/3 of the facial oil secretion, less difficult to retain water, and other important ageing potential, but it also is easy to be ignored by people, more will become a victim of bad habits. In fact, about its maintenance should be started from 20 years old. The forehead sometimes is not the important sign of aging, some people in their 20 s have your forehead, while others may have a lifetime won't appear. An important part of the two influence youth anti-aging secret basically only one - the value of their existence, and get rid of your bad habits. During the period of pregnancy, if you want to have better skin texture, real farewell yellow face shiva, in addition to prepare the face OEM skin care, more should pay attention to eye skin, nose, neck or ignored by the pregnant mother. And selection, mild nature, pregnant women dedicated to protect skin to taste, to carry on the scientific and effective daily maintenance.
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