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Pregnant women skin mask skin each have different skills

by:Zanyu     2020-11-11

gestation, when the skin's setback, many will choose the mask as the maintenance of optimal, full skin moisture in time. Pregnancy skin care specialist, points out that different type of skin of women in when use face film, to master different skills, since to compare good nourishing moisturizing effect.

a, oily skin mask should be refrigerated

the outermost layer of skin on his face always because oil become dull or even long blain. But pregnant mother never trade rushed to choose more mask effect product, still should stick to the bottom line. Pregnancy OEM skin care specialist, points out that this kind of pregnant mothers before apply face film, you can put the mask on ice in the fridge before using. But should pay attention to control the temperature, can be slightly lower than at room temperature, in order to prevent frostbite of the skin.

2, dry skin mask to render the

dry skin before using the mask, be sure to use make up water, because of dry skin moisturizing ability is weak, so the cells will also because of lack of water is full, it will also affect the skin to absorb the mask. So dry skin before apply face film, to enhance the acceptance of skin of facial mask, moisturizing ingredients and nutrition better penetration into the skin.

don't chamfer three, sensitive skin mask before

sensitive time to apply face film, not more than 15 minutes at a time. Do not chamfer before apply face film, can mask to the face after cleansing, and remove the mask after basic OEM skin care should be implemented as soon as possible. And mask generally choose element nature gentle moisturizing mask can guarantee the skin not allergic.

if you want to play the mask is good maintenance effect, so pregnant mother first to buy is mild, the nature of the pregnant women dedicated silk mask, guarantee the skin sex during pregnancy, such as soybean milk silk silk mask, rice mask. And in the process of using, pregnant mother to pay attention to skin, according to the individual to adjust technique.

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