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Pregnant women skin moisturizing skin care products recommended winter is the key

by:Zanyu     2020-11-03
Winter, dry air away from the skin moisture continuously, at this time, pregnant mothers need more attention to do a good job of skin moisturizing, don't let the skin dry affect the mood of the pregnancy, destroyed the coming all kinds of joys and the festive mood. However, many people will ask, pregnant mother how do winter skin care? Look at the following pregnant mother winter OEM skin care tips, will be of great help to you! 1, moisturizing is a basic step in winter skin, moisturizing is more important. Hydrating, there are many ways of the pregnant mother can choose to use soy milk moisturizing lotion, can also choose to drink plenty of water, to cope with common dry skin during pregnancy. Of course, can also be placed indoor humidifier, increase the air humidity. 2, 8 glasses of water a day is filling water must to supply the body with water, dry days when you feel thirsty, the body is in a state of water shortage. For there has been a lot of water, but water is absolutely against the basic drying, drinking more water can detox speed into metabolism regulating immunity to the absorption of fetus as soon as possible to the mother's nutrition, but for the draw of hydramnios expectant mother, to listen to the doctor's advice to hydrate, not because the winter hydrating and accidentally hurt to the fetus, hydramnios, after all, is more dangerous, the doctor will be reduced patients with expectant mother, to drink water. 3, nutrition, skin more moist skin every pregnant mother, rather than whether to get adequate nutrition. Vitamin C and B6 is skin regeneration and reconstruction of two nutrients, expectant mothers can complement appropriately under the guidance of a doctor. At the same time, guarantee the nutrition and a balanced diet, not only for your own health and good for fetal development, is also a good way to nourish the skin. 4, wearing comfortable to let the skin breathe autonomous winter pregnant mother should try to wear comfortable, breathable cotton cloth, make the skin more breathing. For the popular tights, but it is easy to cause inner thighs, hips and other parts of the skin because of the bad ventilation and dry matte. Part of mothers-to-be encountered breast problems surrounding skin itching, can choose the sprinkle with some of these areas is not including the powder of fragrance, can reduce the bra to the stimulation of the skin.
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