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Pregnant women skin sensitive skin of four big misunderstanding careless maintenance stimulation

by:Zanyu     2020-11-01
Pregnant women skin looks be like simple, actually contains many skin care knowledge, pregnancy skin care neither roughed up, also not to hastily maintenance. Skin care during pregnancy, many pregnant mother in order to obtain a temporary effect that protect skin, often through many unscientific method, to adjust the skin. And in so doing, will not only bring too big burden to the skin, even cause maternal tragedy. A, frequent replacement of skin care products, due to the nature of love is a beautiful woman often has every two or three months pregnant mother will change a different OEM cosmetics, such a variety of cosmetic ingredients to be absorbed by the skin, easy to cause the skin sensitive issue. And when problems occur, and hard to find the cause of the allergy, treatment effect will be reduced. , therefore, should not be constantly changing their OEM cosmetics, choosing suitable for their own will insist to use point after cosmetic products. Two, for a long time the bath bubble bath can relieve fatigue of skin, make skin in the high temperature at the same time waste, deep clean effect. But too long bubble bath can make skin long-term high temperature environment, caused by excessive secretion of sweat, make the skin becomes dry, the temperature will stimulate the increase of pore, stimulated skin will become sensitive. In addition, the high temperature water will cause serious influence to the health of tire baby, cause malformations, miscarriage and other problems. Therefore, in consideration of the skin or fetal health consideration, pregnant mother should not be a long bubble bath. Three powerful cleaning products, using powerful cleaning products, although can deeply clean the skin of dirt and grease, but the rich foam cleanser, often because of excessive clean skin surface layer of protective film, can cause skin coarse sensitive, make the skin dry and allergic phenomenon. Therefore, oily skin and mixed skin is good, for the sake of skin health, pregnant mother still choose ingredients, mild nature pregnant women dedicated cleanser is advisable. Four, love with excitant strong product chamfer many ordinary chamfer simple product on the market are excitant bigger of the two, although can effectively remove aged cutin and the effect of deep cleanse dirt, but easy to stimulate the destruction of the protective layer of skin, cause thinning of the protective layer, may cause some allergic problems. If used frequently and for a long time, can make the healthy skin is damaged, become sensitive skin. Therefore, do not frequently use this kind of chamfer simple product, pregnant mother is better to choose gel properties of moderate chamfer simple product. Choose what skin care products in the process of maintenance, during pregnancy plays a key role, but if there is no scientific way of skin care, also will only cause maintenance essence of waste. So skin care during pregnancy, must attach importance to the scientific maintenance of skin, correct skin care habits, lest cause skin sensitive long-term stimulation.
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