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Pregnant women spring skin care five pitfalls

by:Zanyu     2020-11-08

and everything begins to grow in the season, under the spring breeze, hot Yang FuZhao, appeared new skin cells, silent blossom glorious, however, in this kind of change garments according to the stage, a bit of trouble, the skin will appear discomfort symptoms, especially vulnerable pregnancy are more likely to be hurt, therefore, the following will be for pregnant mother skin there might be some mistakes in the process of skin care habits, methods to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the solutions, hopes to be able to correct the pregnant mother.

spring skin myth: wash a face more and more long

spring temperature rise, strengthen the cell vitality, skin grease is secreted exuberant, some oily skin of the pregnant mother couldn't separate washing a face, a clock and along with the increase in oil, wash a face time longer and longer. But excessive washs a face, on the contrary make facial skin damage, moisture lost faster, cause skin give oil, even can lead to problems such as acne acne. Pregnancy skin care specialist, said general let cleanser for 40 seconds to the face, the whole process control in 2 to wash a face It is advisable to 3 minutes. In addition, want to control oil secretion, pregnant mother pregnant women can choose fresh and moisturizing type OEM skin care products, such as rice cleanser, extraction of rice protoplasmic nourishment composition, molecular weight is small, nutrient dense, and refreshing and not greasy, very suitable for oily and mixed skin.

spring skin erroneous zone 2: long time not to wash the pillow, quilt cover,

face dirty, what people thinks of above all is to wash my face, wash a face for many times, but didn't want to solve the problem from the source. Pillow, quilt cover and facial skin contact at least 8 hours a day, real easy to stick on skin excretive is sweat, grease, if cannot be cleaned in time, will lead to the generation of blain blain, etc. So, want to dry skin dry and comfortable, better clean bedding, pillow and other personal items on a regular basis, and the appropriate exposure, kill bacteria, mites, etc.

spring skin myth 3: spring not bask in

is beautiful spring scenery. Spring ultraviolet gradually strengthen, and light pollution is everywhere in the city, by light aging skin will become dry, dull, showing spots wrinkles, etc. So sun protection is not only in the summer, all the year round to prevent bask in, indoor and outdoor also need to prevent bask in. Pregnant mother apply makeup edible pregnant women dedicated segregation frost and BB cream isolation protection product, reduce the ultraviolet ray, the effects of light pollution, etc. Physical sunscreen, health, pregnant mother to enjoy the spring summer.

spring skin myth 4: long bubble bath to alleviate fatigue

the arrival of spring, spring fever also find you, in order to alleviate fatigue, a lot of people like long bubble bath. Bubble warm water bath for your skin age is good, but the sensitive skin is very taboo soak in water for a long time. Especially for healthy skin skin thin person must shorten the time of bath, bath in general about 10 minutes at a time is enough, but pregnant women is better choose shower bath, if feel tired, you can stick to soak the foot.

spring skin error 5: protect skin to taste types of overuse and confused

skincare and there is also a process that can meet the needs of skin. Sensitive skin or red skin, must as far as possible to reduce the external stimulation, skin care products too miscellaneous, ingredients may directly result in too much sensitive skin. So mom is good or skin care specialist advice during pregnancy pregnant choose single brand, also try to do subtraction, nursing process don't let skin contact too much composition and care steps.

in addition, the update cycle is 28 days, skin so skincare products to use the 28 day in a row to see the effect. To protect skin to taste a little effect, we need to stick to 28 days or finished. Pay attention to the change of skin and during their feelings, the improvement of the face must wait 28 days, but an accumulation day by day. Change garments according to the stage, therefore, better don't frequent replacement of skin care products, also do not want more bottles at the same time to protect skin to taste rotation.

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