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Pregnant women to protect skin to taste recommend pregnant women can also do the following five easy to wash

by:Zanyu     2020-12-07
After pregnancy, with big belly, a lot of things get difficult, such as simpler shampoo. Especially in late pregnancy, pregnant belly is more and more big, the bow isn't very convenient for shampoo or shower, how to do? Today just to bring us some tips, shampoo shampoo washed alignment mothers help. The water temperature to pregnant women to wash water temperature should be appropriate in 37 - About 40 ℃, do not overheat, also do not too cold, high temperature scald scalp, influence of the scalp hair follicle tissue. But too cold water temperature is expected to stimulate scalp, cause contraction pore, or will affect fetal health. High frequency not barring special circumstances, shampoo in the regular season, generally a week 2 to shampoo 3 times is more reasonable. Summer, hot weather, better wash hair every other day. Choose various special shampoo on the market at present there are pregnant women pregnant women use the shampoo, but no matter which one, which one brand of are not necessarily suitable for all pregnant mother, in order to be prudent, is better able to select pregnant women dedicated shampoo, such as bean milk shampoo, so high. Shampoo to proper positioning for most of the pregnant mother, little stomach when sitting should try to wash, shampoo chair sitting position, two legs open, natural flush on the head and reach forward about 45 & deg; , two elbow can support at the edge of the commode, bathtub or thigh. If used to stand when you take a shower shampoo, pregnant mother be sure to use mat, armrest, in case of center of gravity be unsteady and fall. In pregnant period, bent down to wash your hair is really very difficult for heavily pregnant mothers, pregnant mother lay better shampoo, like in the barber's shampoo, can ask expectant fathers to help at this moment, for him to lift a finger, and washing process has become filled with love. Note often shampoo shampoo massage massage can effectively alleviate the anxiety of expectant mothers, help promote blood circulation of expectant mothers in the head. Shampoo so massage is also essential. Mothers-to-be can choose when in the morning and evening to wet hair, knead gently with fingers, according to the head can feel very comfortable. Massage time shoulds not be too long so as not to make mothers thed loss outweights the gain a cold, pay attention to the massage is generally not more than half of the clock. For mums-to-be within 3 months of pregnancy, as far as possible don't use a hair dryer, it is recommended to use dry hair cap, dry hair towel to dry hair. If need to use a hair dryer, other special time must pay attention to the time and frequency. Especially in the open and closed when the hair dryer, hair dryer of radiation is larger, should try to stay away from the head. When it after the hair dryer, hair dryer and head should be kept vertical, better intermittent stop to use.
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