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Pregnant women winter skin care five tips to winter skin care knowledge

by:Zanyu     2020-11-19
Remove accumulation aged cuticle eliminate accumulation on the surface of the skin, waste & ndash; — The aging cutin layer, this is the first step in mothers-to-be winter OEM skin care. Do 1 - a week Two frosted nursing. Key hydrate with the arrival of winter, the skin is very easy to dry, countermeasure is a lot of water to the skin. Suggest better use moisturizing ability to excellence in make up water, every day there are the part of the fine wrinkles should also be coated with a dedicated elite hairdressing fluid, every 2 ~ 3 days for a moisturizing facial mask. They got home until the skin moist and transparent. Try steam towel due to poor blood circulation and metabolism of color of skin dark, it is difficult to improve overnight, so mothers should always maintain skin vitality, steam towel is very effective. Towel dry after immersed in water, in the microwave heating, apply on the face after discharge makeup, can warm the face, promote the blood circulation. Bubble is in bath crock apply steam towel, also can promote the whole body blood circulation, strengthen metabolism. Appropriate massage proper massage, can make the stranded blood restore patency. Especially in 30 expectant mothers, and blood vessels themselves and low skin function, this time is even more need external massage. A lot of vitamin C intake more green and yellow vegetables of vitamin, especially vitamin C, because it can promote the synthesis of collagen, inhibit melanin formation. Remember that sentence: skin is in keep outside.
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