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Pregnant women winter skin care fully manual

by:Zanyu     2020-11-18

after pregnancy, due to the changes of hormones in the body, skin condition plummet, some rough skin, face the problem such as oil, pigmentation, so mom in gave birth to a baby at the same time, also began to struggle and skin problems, of course, the influence degree of each season for the skin and in a different way, this paper mainly introduces the winter easy to skin problems and OEM skin care method.

1, the warm water wash a face

warm water wash a face not only comfortable, clean effect is good, also won't over stimulate the skin, to avoid easily after facial cleaning, tight, transmition, add black rim of the eye, edema, or skin flabby, and help keep the facial skin temperature, adapt to the environment.

2, rub moisturizing cream

moisturizing cream is more thick than moisturizer, lock water moisturizing effect is also more durable, especially for mothers, dry skin, winter skin care essentials ( Dry skin is not obvious pregnant mother can apply moisturizing lotion) 。 Use after skin water, essence for skin complement moisture, timely apply moisturizing cream, can effective moisturizing, make skin lasting water embellish.

3, moisturizing hand lip

hand cream will be on hand to form a layer of waterproof membrane on the skin surface, often using can keep skin soft, moist hands, reduce the cold cold water damage. Pregnant women carry a special nourishing moist lipstick, daub, at any time to keep lips moist.

4, anti-static itch

every night after the shower, in a timely manner with body milk onto the whole body skin, up in the morning, for a special drying of the arms and legs should also be painted again. Milk in addition to nourish our body, relieve skin peeling phenomenon, and static electricity, to inhibit the action of the itch.

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