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Pregnant women winter skin care needs attention

by:Zanyu     2020-11-04
Pregnant women with ordinary women skin is different, because of the change of progesterone in the body, lead to speed up metabolism, make skin appear fat and long blain blain. For pregnant women, therefore, this particular skin problems should choose water supplement of pregnant women to protect skin to taste. Pregnancy skin choose cleanser pregnant women without stimulation, facial skin fat more serious than the average woman, choose cleanser cleansing is necessary. Pregnancy specialist reminds, pregnant women don't use contain hormone, alcohol, heavy metals, such as ordinary cleanser, or it will harm to the health of the fetus. Without stimulus and fill water is strong cleanser is pregnancy is better choice, such as bean milk cleanser, the pregnant mother can be used to thoroughly clean the face, can not only supplement the missing facial skin moisture, also can let enjoy OEM skin care during pregnancy. choose fill water strong moisturizing milk during pregnancy women during pregnancy in addition to facial cleaning is important, also is of great urgency to a deep hydrating facial skin. For the characteristics of sensitive skin during pregnancy, commissioner recommend that pregnant women can choose hydrating strong sex of soymilk moisturizers, under the premise, pregnant women can bring more perfection hydrating effect, avoid pregnancy skin problems. Pregnancy skin choose close skin sunscreen with good sex of winter while the sun is not heavy, but ultraviolet radiation will affect the skin during pregnancy, may harm the fetus. And pregnant women in choosing a sunscreen, rational selection of pregnant women dedicated and no stimulation to skin sunscreen, such as its pregnant women dedicated BB cream, effective for pregnancy skin skin is tanned, sunburn, uv, repair the light aging, but also can provide dry skin with its moisturizing function, reducing light free time before childbirth. Pregnant women skin care how to choose the optimum pregnant women to protect skin to taste ten DaPaiXing, CCTV, zhejiang satellite TV brand cooperation, super hot mama help recommended brand reputation, has always been convinced that use the beauty of the bloom during pregnancy will be made more beautiful.
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