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Pregnant women with dry skin in autumn and winter, skin moisturizing strategies

by:Zanyu     2021-06-20
In autumn and winter, pregnant mothers alleviate a burst of discomfort, severe body loss, dry skin and peeling skin. Some pregnant mothers insist on drinking water every day and use moisturizing OEM skin care products for pregnant women, but they still can’t get rid of the dryness symptoms. Why?     In fact, different skin types have different ways of hydrating. Although dry skin of pregnant women in autumn and winter is a common problem faced by pregnant mothers, it is still necessary to replenish skin with different strategies. How to moisturize pregnant women with dry skin in autumn and winter?     One, pregnant mothers have dry skin and hydration is the key.      Moisture is the first element of beautiful skin. Sunscreen, oil control, spot lightening, and skin tone are completed on the basis of moisturizing. Any season, age, skin type, and skin problems can be perfected in the soothing and moisturizing of water. During pregnancy, the total blood volume in the mother's body will increase by 40% to 50%. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the mother's daily water supply is sufficient to keep the skin in a state of hydration.     After getting up early in the morning, it is a good habit to drink a glass of fresh cold water. Drink water regularly and don't wait until you are thirsty. Thirst is the result of lack of water, not a signal of lack of water. In addition, pregnant mothers should ensure adequate rest, eat more fruits, vegetables, and soy products, and remember to use softening lotion and moisturizer/cream every time after washing their face. If conditions permit, pregnant mothers can use a small watering can to pour mineral water, take it with them, spray a few times when you feel oily or dry on the face, and then pat until absorbed. After comparison, use the small watering can to spray at night before going to bed After shooting for five to ten minutes, the pregnant mother's skin will be significantly improved after one week.     It is worth noting that edema occurs in the late pregnancy, so you should drink less water at night, but the water supply throughout the day should be guaranteed.     Two, 4 common senses of hydrating during pregnancy      1. Drinking water is not equal to hydrating.     For some pregnant mothers, drinking more than eight glasses of water a day still feels that their skin is not tender enough. In fact, drinking water is difficult to directly improve the condition of our skin. For healthy skin, the source of water is like a fountain with abundant energy. Therefore, hydration should be adjusted internally and externally, and the inside and the outside should be combined to ensure the skin's moisture and smoothness.    2, don't forget the seven dead spots of moisturizing.     According to the survey, 80% of women directly ignore the following 7 areas: the center of the eyebrows, behind the ears, nose, corners of the eyes, neck and neck, elbows and knees, hands, etc. In fact, only if the moisturizing and hydrating of the above 7 parts are solved, the other parts will be easy.     3. Early morning maintenance is more effective.     Almost all women think that night is a better time to repair their skin. In fact, on the contrary, the skin also has a biological clock. Under the influence of the human body's circulation, the skin's conditions and tasks in 24 hours are different. 8 o'clock every morning is the best time for moisturizing.     4. Find out whether your skin is dehydrated or oily.     Pregnant mothers have the same dry skin, but not necessarily the same reason. If a pregnant mother can't figure out whether her skin is dehydrated or less oily, then all skin care effects will be zero. Pregnant mothers must first find the OEM skin care products that they really need for their skin. The best way is to not confuse the concept of hydration with oil control.     3. Different skin types have different moisturizing points. 1. Normal skin      moisturizing points: cleansing. Since the skin condition of normal skin is stable and the oil and water ratio is balanced, it is easy to neglect skin maintenance. In fact, the hydration of this type of skin is also important, otherwise the best skin will age.    2, dry skin      moisturizing focus: cream. Dry skin dehydration is more obvious, and the skin is prone to form fine wrinkles in the dry autumn. The use of oily moisturizing products will have a good moisturizing effect (moisturizer, moisturizing lotion). It is recommended that pregnant mothers use a moisturizing facial mask once every 2-3 days.     3. Sensitive skin      moisturizing key point: moisturizing at night. Due to the greater impact of the external environment during the day, sensitive skin can choose to focus on night care, and use OEM skin care products suitable for sensitive skin, such as vegetable masks, which are more suitable for sensitive skin.     4. Oily skin      moisturizing focus: oil control. Oily skin should choose refreshing water moisturizing products, such as moisturizing gel, spray, body lotion, etc.     5. Mixed skin      moisturizing focus: oil control and hydration. Mainly clean the T-zone, and moisturize the cheeks. A proper mask has many benefits to the skin, such as moisturizing the skin, removing dirt from the skin, and promoting blood circulation.
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