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Pregnant women with what brand of skincare good pregnancy how protective belly line

by:Zanyu     2020-12-10
Belly lines are basically every pregnant mother to face problems, but some pregnant mother to belly grain why? Belly grain is how change? These problems are not fully known. Belly grain is how change? Belly grain is a kind of stretch marks, shrinking grain is the body weight during pregnancy, fitness, in process of produced by the skin fiber breakage phenomenon, red, white or purple stripes. It also includes fat grain, crack, the larger parts of the body, in addition to the abdomen, and inside and outside, knees, hips, lumbosacral etc. Abdomen from the outside to the inside of the many layers, they are the skin, the skin elastic fiber, subcutaneous fat layer, and tendon of rectus muscle fiber group, peritoneal fat layer before and peritoneum. Under normal circumstances, the skin of elastic fibers and rectus maintain, and within limits free scaling. Medical specialist based on the research of the belly lines in the individual, found the reasons for the formation of pregnancy was 90% due to the human body during pregnancy, adrenal glands, a large number of glucocorticoids increase the brittleness of skin elastic fibers and collagen fibers, when skin elastic fibers and collagen fiber expansion degree reaches a certain limit, can cause elastic fiber and collagen fiber fracture, belly wrinkles. When more than 3 months pregnant women, enlarged uterus protrudes from the pelvic, to develop in the abdominal cavity, the abdomen of peng, affected by the enlarged uterus, skin elastic fibers and abdominal muscles began elongation. Especially after six months pregnant. When above a certain limit, the skin elastic fiber fracture, rectus tendon have different degrees of separation. Then, in the skin of the abdomen appeared irregular longitudinal cracking of pink or purple. Postpartum, although the fracture to restore elastic fiber gradually, but difficult to restore to its previous state, and the original crack in the skin was gradually fade, silvery, after comparing the belly. The occurrence of belly lines related to health, not every pregnant women have a belly, and the severity of the belly line will also vary from person to person. Belly wen? Although we can't prevent belly grain growth, but we can use some methods to control and the development of grain belly, such as pregnant women do moderate exercise can help increase skin elasticity; Diet, do not let the weight increase too fast; You can use the belly protection emulsion and belly lines repair essence to increase skin elasticity, if have late pregnancy has not been long belly tattoo pregnant mother, also can continue to use his lines.
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